Sunday, March 4, 2012

Declan Ganley and Ernesto "Che" Guevara and General Liam Mellows

The far right US military provider, Declan Ganley, is objecting to a statue of a decendant of Galway, Ireland aka Ernesto "Che" Guevara being erected in the home of his ancestors, Galway, Ireland. Ganley claims Che was a mass murderer. He provides no evidence of this claim. There is no evidence that Che was either a murderer or a mass murderer.

In the same square that Che's stature will be erected is a statue of Liam Mellows the Irish republican guerrilla fighter

Liam Mellow was an Irish hero and his struggle inspired Che and others including Ghandi and Nelson Mandela.

Declan Ganley set up a military supply company called Rivada. In the last years he has managed to recruit people like General Richard Myers who became George W Bush's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and led the War on Terror leading the USA'a attacks on Afganistan and Iraq until 2005 to his board of directors. The wars Meyers ran have lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians, the illegal rendition and torture of thousands, and indeed the murders of an unknown number of people.
Declan Ganley also tried to profit from the war in Iraq see Tigris staffing
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Given that Ganley took people involved in mass murder and rendition onto his company's board and indeed sought to profit form a war that has led to hundreds of thousands of illegal deaths, why is he labeling Che a mass murderer?

He has many who could be considered the ring masters of mass murderer in his circle.

Declan Ganley, Che Guevara and Liam Mellows were freedom fighters. Liam Mellows was an actual Irish man not a English born Watford shoneen.
It must also be remembered that Ganley recruited anti Semites and neo Nazis to contest the 2009 European election for his Libertas party. He should be run out of public life. Declan Ganley is more closely associated with mass murder than Che.

Viva Che Viva Liam


  1. Hes a murderer you jerk. Evidence? How about when he lined up so many innocent Cubans and had them shot by firing squad? Take a trip to Cuba and ask. Denying this is the equivalent of denying the Holocaust.

    1. Hello annoyed one, so Che killed more than the Mob backed Batista who had your grandmother selling her pussy to New Yorkers taking weekender red eye trips to Havanna in the 1940s and 1950s I dont think so amigette .. but of course ...your grand ma/dad possibly owned a casino or a pay by the hour hotel?
      FYI Declan Ganley who opposes our monument to Che did in fact recruit holocaust deniers to HIS political party Libertas in 2009 in Poland. People who stated that Auschwitz was a work camp where people died from hard work...go figure. Of course Che killed people but SO TOO did Liam Mellows and Liam has a statue, pictured above, in Eyre Square, Galway and he is our hero. Indeed I am on a committee that preserves his good name and reputation.

      Both Che and Liam have something else in common, they were both murdered in cold blood by reactionary forces of the counter-revolution. Any questions?? Amigo or amiga or amigette? Florida Cubans are so annoying.....

  2. I've been to cuba and asked lots of people about lots of things. Even people critical of the political regime adored che. Of course he killed people - that's what happens in war. Would you prefer batista to stay in power?

  3. Is Ganley in Opus Dei?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. he is certainly a fundmentalistt Catholic linked to Iona Institute, Legatus by connection to Garreth Kellegher and had lots of far right Catholic support in Poland in 2009. He speaks to John Paul II anti Vatican 2 gatherings ........


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