Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ganley makes public appearance in Christotaliban stronghold

Declan Ganley will be among the speakers at an “Inishowen Is Doing It For Themselves” event tomorrow in Buncrana, Co Donegal. Is this the return of Ganley to political events?
The choice of Donegal is of interest as it was a staunchly anti Lisbon region and has been a seeding ground for quasi religious lies about the political process in Ireland.

“Inishowen Is Doing It For Themselves” is the brainchild of local businessman, Brian Flanagan, who has urged people from throughout the peninsula to attend.

He said: “Those who come along can look forward to hearing ideas and information on fecund markets towards which our youth – indeed our whole community – should be designing their career choices and entrepreneurial efforts. We would hope to repeat the event twice yearly and meantime set up some kind of a little team to continue the process between times.”

Declan Ganley came to prominence last year when sought election to the European Parliament. However, away from politics, he is a successful businessman having started in forestry and telecommunications.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Libertas is the corpse warming up or .........?

All seems quite enough on the Libertas front but there have been a few little beeps on the radar in the past six months. On 28 November Libertas Party Ltd. changed directors. Chris Coughlan went out and in came little Seanie Ganley aka Sean Ganley brother of the bold Declan as of 28 November 2009.

The change was filed in February at the Companies Office in Dublin. This change brings to mind the Sly and the Family Stone classic "Its a family affair"

You might wonder why they bother, are they winding up? doing the final accounts or are they ensuring that the dynasty continues?

On another Ganley front Declan changed his residence details at Companies House in the UK on 25/02/2010 for Ganley International Ltd. As of 25 of February this year his residence is ...Ireland. The mind boggles

Christotaliban awake after Lenten Fast?

The Christotaliban have started their activities following the Lenten Fast. No doubt the increase in calorific intake has awakened certain cadre from the stupor of starvation. People Korps has received some rather nasty emails from a person purporting to be "one of the Christotaliban" aside from accusations of pedophilia being leveled at this blogger , the Christotaliban spokesperson issued veiled threats of physical violence and demonstrated and unhealthy interest in human fecal matter. All very unchristian in my book.
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