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Libertas Nutjob Alan Kennedy's profanity on where is David Cochrane when people need banning?

Not for the first time Libertas far righter and hater of freedom, Alan (I wish I was born in America) Kennedy, has publicially violated the site's "no profanity rule" and is still posting with there withoiut cencure. Whereas in theory owner, the Libertas founder, David Cochrane, has a rule that is one strike and your out for using profanity, his pal Alan Kennedy also of Libertas is allowed to say the following

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Originally Posted by sondagefaux View Post
more like a wannabe is my guess.
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Originally Posted by Nodin View Post
....ever try meditation?
Ever try not being a cunt?

Alan Kennedy who posts as Cookiemonster on made these comments on one of his serially tedious anti Obama threads that he started earlier on the Irish political forum which has an ever dwindling readership and which has banned and/or lost over 1000 regular posters in the last month.

I have emailed David Cochrane asking for a comment on why he bans posters who express opinions that are in oppostion to his own far right zealot pals while he applies this double standard for his Libertas cadre like Alan Kennedy aka Cookiemonster.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

How boring is as regular users hit lowest in years has hit a serious low point of merely 1,267 Active Members ie members who log once in a while. This is after only one month of vindictive and politically inspired bannings of hundreds of users by site owner David Cochrane, a founder of the Declan Ganley's Libertas Institute and pr/intenet guy for the Libertas party until July (he says).

Cochrane a founder of Libertas has obviously decided his website should now be a vechicle for one sided debate and political posturing while he staked his google ad revenue on quick burn media stories about Iris Robinson and the demise of Sinn Fein. The interesting active users who have not been banned have drifted away over the last weeks as the site has hit an all time low.

Many ex-users were obviously also concerned about the security and privacy issues on the site which
according to its privacy statement can access members private messages and where moderators share private mesaages with private far right wing groups on the site.

can I yawn now or should I wait until the pulse of pie drifts further away.

Suicide may be painless but the death of is a further proof that Libertas and its founders have hit a rocky bottom. As one of Cochrane's cabal pals states Yawn am I alive yet...................not if you are posting on me thinks.

Friday, January 15, 2010

An open message to David Cochrane of

Dear David, You and your administrator, Cyperianpan, have in the last few weeks tried to vilify and smear this blogger. A moderator, King Kane has joined the fray in coments on this blog.

I have emailed you many times re. your recent slurs on my good name and you have failed to reply.

Your only response was to have an administrator of your website continue the slurs , lies and libelous innuendos and assertions against this blogger's good name and reputation on your site and on other forums.

I have been informed that you now claim that you have made a formal complaint to the Irish police about this blogger. Can you please provide me with the name of the police station and the officer dealing with your complaint as I wish to see him/her about this forthwith. Should any member of An Garda Siochana wish to speak to People Korps then People Korps is happy to oblige. for appointments. In fact this will aid at least one party who awaits my statement in regard to certain activities and harassment that I believe predate by several months your alleged complaint about this blogger and which I am informed by the person requesting this information relate to you and some of your former Libertas colleagues.

In the meantime , I reserve , without prejudice, my full rights under civil law to pursue you and your website for damages regarding your site and its administrator's slurs against my good name and character. You have both alleged criminal acts and associations on the part of this blogger to both third parties, published the same on your website and through your agents have distributed similar libels on third party websites , all of which I have records of.
As with the Libertas group and party you co-founded I think it is fair and in the public interest to interrogate your false claims in the public domain as they relate to the media outlet you own I hold you personally responsible for all the actions of your staff both paid and unpaid and I hold you responsible for the libelous statements you allow on your website.

Please post a message below re the Garda officer and station or email me at the account that you have emailed me at so many times before with those details so I can expedite an immediate response to that officer, saving both Irish taxpayers and our over worked police services , time, money and effort.

Is Mise le Meas

People Korps The Blogger

User Name / Location
<span class=cyberianpan is offline" src="" border="0"> cyberianpan
Wherever I can see
David <span class=Cochrane is offline" src="" border="0"> David Cochrane
Polly Towers, Dublin, Ireland


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Here and there.

Thursday, January 7, 2010 editor/owner David Cochrane bars discussion in the Irish language?

Interesting thread in Irish on has been stifled by David Cochrane who says that such dicussion should take place IN ENGLISH!!!!!

Cá bhfuil baill imithe? or

Where are the members gone?

The thread asking where have all the posters gone in a discussion on the Gaeilge (Irish language ) forum has been posted on by Cochrane. Cochrane of course wrote on the thread as Bearla (in English).

Cochrane stated one hour ago
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Dev&Ed discussions should not take place here, or in Irish.

To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.

Cochrane might have told our native Irish speakers that he had banned half the posters missing since two weeks back because of the political pro Tory, pro Bush, anti Irish nature of the site's editorial policy which is being pushed by a cadre of former Libertas employees who are his pals.

Some posters on the thread ask where have the posters gone well nearly 50 have joined the civilised new forum TOK. Life on since the mass bannings is boring and without any debate.

Now Irish people are being told they can't debate in their own language.

See my posts below or here for more on the death of
There is an Irish language forum on TOK

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Save ? as active users fall even further this week

The active members on the site fell from 2220 to only 1,556 in just one week as Cochrane banned hundreds of site user in his night of the long knives 24 Dec 2009.
Since I last posted on this there has been a further falling away and regualer users now number a mere
1,477 active members. the number of active users online in recent weeks has often fallen the low teens. Daytime peaks as goood if the go wbove 65.

Whereas David Cochrane blames People Korps for these problems, in fact he should look closer at his own friends who use the site as a personal fiefdom and playground for their ideological bullying.

Personally I think this a sad state of affairs. I have often communicated with David Cochrane and have removed many older posts on this site as I felt needed to be given a chance when David Cochrane sought to distance himself from Declan Ganley.

It is clear reading though the open threads that the site has beecome a place of turgid backslapping with zero debate since the neraly 700 active users have either been banned or decided to not bother with the site under its new totalitarian approach to free speech.

The threads closed to unregistered members make even sadder reading.
If Cochrane had banned Cookiemonster, Bobert, Dot, MMRebel, Corelli, Cyperian, Liamreilly (the one who said that a member of the Irish police had helped identify People Korps to Libertas cadre on then he would still have his active still with rising numbers and stimulating debate.

At this rate of demise and with new regristrations on the site banned also thsi trend is set to continue.

A part of the campaign of recent weeks has been new attempts to smear Poeple Korps and emails are circulated seeking people Korps identity (from David Cochrane).

Libertas Nien Danke is an investigative site that explores new and old media to keep track of hard right cadre and moniter their campiagns.

People Korps will continue to do this in the interests of free speech, the common good and to combat the rise of the new right wing.

Losing 800 active poster in under two weeks is leading to the death of Can it be saved?
Use comments below to suggest anwsers.

PS A shout to Toxic Avenger, I enjoyed your witty "peepholecorpse" quip. At least someone there still has a sense of humour.

Also well done to Seven Stars for his robust defence of Cactusflower on the Why was Cactus Flower banned thread, well done but you were in the den of snakes on that thread , all the members of the former Cabal came to sneer at you.

Sunday, January 3, 2010 active users fall by 1/3 since David Cochrane's politically inspired culling of active members

Though boasts 21,798 members most of these are inactive on the site . Since David Cochrane started banning posters en masse just before Christmas 09 , because they are not right wing Libertas followers, the active members on the site has fallen from over 2220 to only 1,556. In one night alone, Cochrane banned 300 site members , since then a further fall off in active posters has occured.

It is a year since this blogger was banned from amid false claims from Cochrane and his coterie of Liberti. At that time I rasied concerns that a site as influential as had been, was in fact merely a free polling/ information gathering outpost for the Libertas party.

During 2009 Cochrane left Libertas and belatedly supported a YES vote on Lisbon 2. However he has seems to have fully reconciled with many of his former Libertas collegues in time for their attempt to launch a new right wing party in 2010.

Act one seems to be the eradication of all posters who are vocal in their oppostion to the ultra Christian far right. This is all very reminicent of the Reichstag fire.

According to Cochrane his has culled his site due to security concerns.........................

Obviously the far right have been feeling insecure when confronted by articulate well informed lie busters on

2010 will see the complete diminution of

It is important that the facts regarding and its leader David Cochrane be presentedly far and wide, lest anyone think that there is even the remotest political independence / freedom of speech on the site.

Lastly a warning to members of political party's groups on,

It has come to my attention that certain posters on in eg the FF and FG private groups who also post on the main site are in fact false adherents and my source said info which was deliberatedly passed to one of them was requoted by a certain former FF, PD, member who ran Libertas's press and acted as an election agent for a Libertas candidate............

Be careful out there people. They have not gone away you know.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

People Korps's Recession Rations Recipe No. 1 Authentic Irish Stew

The people at TOK have kindly given me a food column the first recipe is below...more at
People Korps's Recession Rations

Recipe No. 1
Authentic Irish Stew

There are many different alleged “authentic” Irish Stews.

Visitors to Dublin’s puke strewn Temple Bar area will find a famous restaurant that often serves a version which is beef based. Nein, this is wrong...

Irish stew is a mutton or lamb dish. It is a cheaply made meal that utilises the cheapest cut of the lamb or sheep, the neck. White pepper and pearl barley are essential ingredients.

The neck of lamb or sheep is fatty and bony and these two combine to give real Irish stew its flavour.

Hint: Neck of lamb is available at all good butchers. Ask in a few butchers what the price is as butchers are great scam artists and will smell a Jamie Oliver wannabe a mile off and charge accordingly!!!
Supermarkets do sell cheap fatty cuts of lamb and these may be substituted where the need arises. However , neck is best.

Hint 2: The longer you cook it the first day the better eg 3-4 hours but slowly and do not let bottom burn (too much Smile ).

Hint 3 Bayleaves may be sourced fresh and free outside may stores/cafe/ resturants in towns and cities growing as decoration in pots outside. Those inclined might harvest a few a clump of leaves as they pass.
They may also be found in front hedgegrows of well established subrban gardens. Wash well before use.

The philosophy behind this stew is that it could be kept going for days and added to. As the barley solidifies and the potatoes disintegrate more may be added with water and further seasoning on successive days. Having perfected the basic methods other ingredients may be included such as celery and leaks. You may find that the barley and potatoes absorb all the moisture after a day or two, just add some cold water and reheat gently. It tastes better day three. If neck of lamb is cheap buy loads and keep stew on the go for days.

1 kg neck of lamb or mutton
2-3 onions
3 good sized carrots
3 peeled potatoes (for first cooking add more as needed see cooking instructions below)Note add more if you want a thicker stew , water may be added later.
A few celery stalks
Pearl barley
Drop of olive oil/butter or dripping
Boiling water
White pepper
Ground black pepper
Fresh parsley
Bay leaves

One very large saucepan that can accommodate 3 litres of liquid.
chopping board,
chopping knife.

Optional: vegetable peeler as knife can do same task.

Halve the onions and crop into medium sized slices
Heat pan and add the olive oil/or/butter /or/or dripping,
Add onions and bronze, add neck of lamb and braise.

When meat is lightly browned add 2 litres of boiling water from kettle.
Add chopped carrots, celery add 3 large peeled and halved potatoes

Add bay leaves, chopped parsley, 2 teaspoons of finely ground white pepper, several twists of black pepper from a mill, one teaspoon full of salt and 50 g of barley.

Bring to the boil and boil vigorously for ten minutes, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat and then slow simmer for at least one and a half hours. Stir every twenty minutes making sure that the potatoes and the barley don’t stick to the bottom. If there is sticking stir it off and mix with stew.

At this point you turn the stew off and leave rest for the night (recommended) the following day remove fat that has crusted on the surface, add more water , pepper if necessary, add 3 more peeled halved potatoes and 50 g. of barley. The barley and potatoes from the earlier cooking should have dissolved to create the thick stock.

Cook for one further hour, stirring occasionally.

Serve in deep plates with fresh parsley garnish.

Irish stew can be cooked in volume and frozen.

All quantities can be expanded or reduced depending on number of servings. The number of potatoes added at the last re.heating should reflect the number eating. Serve stew when the potatoes are cooked and the second addition of pearl barley is firm. Add further sessioning ie white pepper and salt, as required before serving.

At Home with People Korps

People Korps often adds the barley at different points to ensure textured barley at the end. Potatoes of the first cooking must disolve if you need to serve on the same day add potatoes again one hour before serving!!!
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