Sunday, January 24, 2010

How boring is as regular users hit lowest in years has hit a serious low point of merely 1,267 Active Members ie members who log once in a while. This is after only one month of vindictive and politically inspired bannings of hundreds of users by site owner David Cochrane, a founder of the Declan Ganley's Libertas Institute and pr/intenet guy for the Libertas party until July (he says).

Cochrane a founder of Libertas has obviously decided his website should now be a vechicle for one sided debate and political posturing while he staked his google ad revenue on quick burn media stories about Iris Robinson and the demise of Sinn Fein. The interesting active users who have not been banned have drifted away over the last weeks as the site has hit an all time low.

Many ex-users were obviously also concerned about the security and privacy issues on the site which
according to its privacy statement can access members private messages and where moderators share private mesaages with private far right wing groups on the site.

can I yawn now or should I wait until the pulse of pie drifts further away.

Suicide may be painless but the death of is a further proof that Libertas and its founders have hit a rocky bottom. As one of Cochrane's cabal pals states Yawn am I alive yet...................not if you are posting on me thinks.

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