Friday, January 15, 2010

An open message to David Cochrane of

Dear David, You and your administrator, Cyperianpan, have in the last few weeks tried to vilify and smear this blogger. A moderator, King Kane has joined the fray in coments on this blog.

I have emailed you many times re. your recent slurs on my good name and you have failed to reply.

Your only response was to have an administrator of your website continue the slurs , lies and libelous innuendos and assertions against this blogger's good name and reputation on your site and on other forums.

I have been informed that you now claim that you have made a formal complaint to the Irish police about this blogger. Can you please provide me with the name of the police station and the officer dealing with your complaint as I wish to see him/her about this forthwith. Should any member of An Garda Siochana wish to speak to People Korps then People Korps is happy to oblige. for appointments. In fact this will aid at least one party who awaits my statement in regard to certain activities and harassment that I believe predate by several months your alleged complaint about this blogger and which I am informed by the person requesting this information relate to you and some of your former Libertas colleagues.

In the meantime , I reserve , without prejudice, my full rights under civil law to pursue you and your website for damages regarding your site and its administrator's slurs against my good name and character. You have both alleged criminal acts and associations on the part of this blogger to both third parties, published the same on your website and through your agents have distributed similar libels on third party websites , all of which I have records of.
As with the Libertas group and party you co-founded I think it is fair and in the public interest to interrogate your false claims in the public domain as they relate to the media outlet you own I hold you personally responsible for all the actions of your staff both paid and unpaid and I hold you responsible for the libelous statements you allow on your website.

Please post a message below re the Garda officer and station or email me at the account that you have emailed me at so many times before with those details so I can expedite an immediate response to that officer, saving both Irish taxpayers and our over worked police services , time, money and effort.

Is Mise le Meas

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  1. Dear People Korps
    It is with great distress that I read about the sniping of cubs at your heels.
    If I were you though, I would publicise the "date-rate frat pack" type minds you are dealing with it by highlighting their missives.
    And then I would leave them chase their own tails and tales.

  2. Yes Barricade, you are correct these whiney far right mammies boys, who think they have the pulse of the nation, despite their essential unemployability, due to their courting, supporting and promoting the hard far right, hardly deserve mention.

    However as a loyal and patriotic Irishman I hate to see them falsely claim that they have a connection with or complaint pending with our police force when I know they are merely lying liars.

    Cochrane has been called on his lies and has failed to respond.

    As we all know is dying on its feet.

    So he is trying to make himself seem important by emailing people that he is in command of the Poeple Korps he thinks he ius in command of an anon blogger who exposed his party , their leader and David and his pals Alan Kennedy aka Cookie Monster on and John Mcgurik who uses several names on his pal Dave's faux forum.

    we live in interesting times and I fear that only the followers of the Yang style will survive in the long run

    Say no to Nazis and say no to Christo taliban Nazis and say no to the Christotaliban Legatus nexus


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