Monday, November 28, 2011 DDOS atacks by Occupy

It appears that someone is not happy with the Irish political bulliten board Since 18 November they have been victims of a DDOS Attack that has repeatedly crashed the site.

For many internet users and especially users of Irish political boards the idea that "are victims" will raise a wry smile. In the past the site has used a corrupt political cadre as suposedly impartial moderators and its part owner (he sold a chunk a few years back) David Cochrane, was an employee of Declan Ganley and a founder of the far right Libertas party (now defunct).

According to Wikipedia
Although the means to carry out, motives for, and targets of a DoS attack may vary, it generally consists of the concerted efforts of a person, or multiple people to prevent an Internet site or servicefrom functioning efficiently or at all, temporarily or indefinitely
Though these DDOS attacks deny and its users the ability to post their views, this blogger can attest is well up to its own dirty tricks and has allowed a far right cadre to run their own fiefdoms on their board. It is a haven for far right and racist posters amongst Irish boards.

Though have changed their servers the DDOS may continue as no motive has been established for the attacks. It may well be an ordinary poster disgusted with their partisan modding and one-sided political agenda as informed by their cadre of ultra right wing moderators and their favoring of posters formarily aligned to the Libertas Party.

Or perhaps someone has decided to #Occupy as their leading cadre support the 1%.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Racist Darren Scully and his party leader Taoiseach Enda Kenny two peas in a pod. Irish Labour Party SHAME ON YOU

Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) Enda Kenny, no stranger to using the "N" word, with his fellow party member the disgraced former Mayor of Naas Declan Scully

Today an elected member of Ireland's main governmnet party Fine Gael, Darren Scully, a councilor in Nass Co Kildare, issued a declaration that he was refusing to deal with "black" Africans in his capacity as the Major of, Dublin satellite town, Naas in Co. Kildare. By this evening he had resigned as Mayor though there is no word yet on whether he had resigned as an elected public representative. The Scully episode may seem like an isolated incident for the hard right party Fine Gael, if one has a short memory.

However Enda Kenny, pictured above with Scully, has not too long ago had his own problems regarding race relations. In 2002 he told a group of journalists a joke with the word "Nigger" in the punchline. According to The Guardian

The family of Patrice Lumumba, the assassinated first Prime Minister of Congo, have demanded an apology from the Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny, who called the revered African liberation hero a 'nigger' in a racist joke.

Disgust at Kenny's recent remarks spread last night to Britain, where he was condemned by race campaigners, including the powerful Commission for Racial Equality watchdog and British political parties.

Not only did Enda Kenny brand the African libation hero a "nigger" he also claimed the joke he told had been relaid to him by a Moroccan barman 'with shiny teeth'. Worse still; having asked the various journalists he was bantering with not to report his racist joke most complied. See

Despite a member of Ireland's coalition Labour Party making a police complaint about Scully under Ireland's incitement to hatred legislation, it still behooves the Labour Party to further distance themselves from the Fine Gael party by abandoning their coalition with the lead party in government.

For those of you who don't know their history; Fine Gael is the successor party of Cumann na nGaedheal and was founded on 8 September 1933 following the merger of its parent party Cumann na nGaedheal with the National Centre Party and the National Guard, a.k.a " The Blueshirts". These are the seeds of today's racist and lead party of Irish governance.
The Blue Shirts were led originally by the Hitler and Mussolini loving Eoin O'Duffy frorm 1933-4. O'Duffy later led his Blue Shirts to fight with General Franco with support from Adolf Hitler in the Spanish Civil War 1936-39.

Blue Shirt leader Eoin O'Duffy inspects his followers in the 1930s.

Historically, neither Kenny nor Scully's attitude nor remarks come as any surprise. What is surprising is that the Irish Labour party, whose cabinet members spent the morning discussing what social welfare cuts they would make in the forthcoming budget, choose to remain in government with such a party. Yet again; The Labour Party is backing up a hard right racist party in a coalition governmnet in Ireland.

It must be noted that despite modern Fine Gael's attempts to distance themselves from the Blue Shirts, racist attitudes abide in their ranks and indeed in the words and actions of their leader: our Taoiseach Enda Kenny.
It must be noted that Fine Gael's longest serving TD (M.P) the late Oliver J Flnagan is globally notorious for his entrenched anti-Semitic views. Though his most famous outburst came in 1943, it was not long (1954) before he was wooed by and welcomed into the Fine Gael ranks becoming their longest ever continuously serving T.D..
Flanagan never changed his political views. His son Charles Flanagan is a currnet Fine Gaael TD.

In his father's 1943 maiden speech in the Dail (Ireland's parliament) O J Flanagan said:
How is it that we do not see any of these [Emergency Powers] Acts directed against the Jews, who crucified Our Saviour nineteen hundred years ago, and who are crucifying us every day in the week? How is it that we do not see them directed against the Masonic Order? How is it that the I.R.A. is considered an illegal organisation while the Masonic Order is not considered an illegal organisation? [...] There is one thing that Germany did, and that was to rout the Jews out of their country. Until we rout the Jews out of this country it does not matter a hair's breadth what orders you make. Where the bees are there is the honey, and where the Jews are there is the money.

Whereas Fine Gael have attempted to claim to no longer hold such reprehensible views today's events and Kenny's recent racist outburst speak volumes. The legacy of Eoin O'Duffy, the Blue Shirts and Oliver J. Flanagen are alive and kicking especially today. Yet remarkably, Enda Kenny is the political leader of the Irish Nation because of the support afforded to Fine Gael by the supposed champions of the working class and the working people, the "socialist" Labour Party who are under the leadership of former Marxist and former Offical Sinn Fein member, Eamon Gilmore.

It is time for the Irish Labour Party to stand by their alleged principles and leave government or be regarded as the standard bearers a racist elite.

Listen to Darren Scully being interviewed by Clem Ryan on 4FM here
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