Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ganley loser of the year?

According to the Sunday Business Post
The Loser of the Year award has many potential candidates.

One that brings a smile to a cross-party array of faces is Declan Ganley. Some day we might know where his money came from, what he spent campaigning or what he stood for. Certainly, his ability to attack opponents and dig around in the dirt for tactics will be hard to match. His doubleheader of defeats in the European elections and Lisbon were spectacular.

The Sunday Business Post notes the smear politics employed by Libertas and the fact that there may be questions still over Libertas funding. You bet!

Friday, December 25, 2009

People Korps' Greetings

Well it has been an active year and yes we did destroy the Libertas party. However 2010 will see the cadre water themselves down and adhere to the extreme fringes of more main stream groups while they hone their skills. Expect many fronts emerging that profess to be the clean new transparent brand, and expect more issues from the brown shirt grassroots like Taxi Drivers for Change and their various offshoots.

People Korps (himself) thinks that more attention should be given to these "grassroots" movements in terms of reseacrh into their ideolgies and membership.
Having spent several hours lingering amid the striking taxi drivers last year I came away with a clearer understanding of their motives and organisation.

Likewise with Libertas, by rubbing shoulders with them; one gets a stronger sense of who they think they are.

However, I am about to embark on a new direction , aiding in recession survival. I will be providing recipes, shopping hints and recesssion tips on the great (because of the people involved) new Irish political forum TOK

Register now !!!!

I wish you all the best for the holiday season and I will post the first rescipe tomorrow for

People Korps' Authentic Irish Stew. Link active enjoy!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SIPO report on Irish European election Libertas spend c.500k, Shelbourne/ Legatus's Garrett Kellegher's wife Meave donates to Libertas

Sipo have published their report into the European elections which is an interesting read. Those of you who followed the Legatus Libertas saga on this blog(use google seasrch box on right of screen to search for all posts) will note that Garret Kellegher's wife Meave was a finacial supporter of Libertas candidate Caroline Simons. Libertas candidate Raymond O'Malley failed to give the statutory declaration by the due date and faces having his case referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions should he not make returns by 4 January. Declan Ganley declared no donations.

Ms. Caroline Simons



M C Simons
82 Eglington Road
Dublin 4



Catherine P McDonald
36 St. Annes
Ailesbury Road
Dublin 4



Gaynor & Co.
35 Baggot Street Lower
Dublin 2



Fiona Loxley
228 Crodaun Forest Park
Co. Kildare



JM&R Sheehan
The Hermitage
Cross Avenue
Co. Dublin



John & Maureen Corrigan
Co. Meath



The Irish Chocolate Company Ltd
Clonshaugh Business Park
Dublin 17



Maeve Kellegher
Herbert Park
Dublin 4



Catherine White
2 Belmont Villas
Dublin 4



Aileen McCarthy
33 Wyattville Close
Co. Dublin



Responsible Society
6 Stoneview Place
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin



Mary McCarthy
Falls Road
Co. Dublin


Bank Transfer

Edward Simons
19 Mather Road North
Mount Merrion
Co. Dublin


Bank Transfer

Deneige Butler
7 Maple Road
Dublin 14


Bank Transfer

Phoebe Butler
7 Maple Road
Dublin 14


Bank Transfer

Abigail Butler
7 Maple Road
Dublin 14


Bank Transfer

Benjamin Butler
7 Maple Road
Dublin 14



Jennifer Nolan
11 Glenn Ribh
Co. Dublin

Simons election agent was

Mr. John Carlin
Unit 7
Nutgrove Office Park
Dublin 14
Libertas National agent was Declan's brother Mr. Séan Ganley, formarly of Tigris Staffing, Baghdad, and other Ganley companies.
Moyne Park
Co. Galway

Mr. Raymond O'Malley of
Purcellstown House
Co. Louth
agent was
Mr. John McGuirk
Denshaw House
Lower Baggot Street
Dublin 2

While Declan Ganley's agent was his brother
Mr. Séan Ganley

Co. Galway

Simons spent 135,195.42.

Raymond O Malley spent 160,034.35 with 36, 233.73 coming from Libertas hq..

While Declan Ganley spent 195,154.40 according to SIPO

For a breakdown of all the candidates spending see,11322,en.htm

Declan Ganley recieved 38,092.14 from public funds as he had achieved enough votes to qualify, the other two Libertas candidates failed to recieve any state expenses due to their abject failure at the polls.

Libertas were the fourth highest spending party in the elecions despite running only 3 candidates and having no party structure to speak of outside of pr men, spin doctors and holy joe fanatics.
Breakdown by party is as follows this link,11320,en.htm:

FF: €1,019,988
FG: € 923,821
Lab: € 532,626
Libertas: € 490,384
SF: € 389,246
Green: €231,199

Non Party: € 364,246

TOTAL: € 3,991,629

Appendix VI Summary of Expenditure by Political parties and their individual candidates at the European elections
ndividual candidates at the European elections

see here

Despite spending nearly half the budget of the two main parties it is reassuring to see that the c.500,000k spent by Libertas did not buy Irish voters, nor did the Libertas smear campaign that passed for an election campaign have broad appeal. The campaign did highlight Libertas's desire for a green card system to be introduced in Ireland that would forse Irish workers to need a Visa to work North or South of the border, in the UK or on main land Europe and its kinks with uktra Catholic, anti-democratic unelected elites

Read the full report

Monday, December 21, 2009 problems! Security and privacy breached? Open letter from banned poster to David Cochrane owner, David Cochrane, is under pressure to explain his recent actions on his site. One of Ireland's most respected board members was banned this weekend along with dozens of other posters.
She has written to David Cochrane and I await his reply with interest.

“David Cochrane
Site Owner

Cc members

From Cactusflower


Re: Privacy and Intimidation Issues on

You recently invited members to contact you on any on-site issues. Some issues have come up recently in relation to privacy policy on and also in relation to threatening and intimidating behaviour on site. I have previously referred to these issues on your “Stop the Trolling” thread. operates as an open political forum in which members can opt to post anonymously. holds data provided by members (user names and associated email addresses) which is given solely for the purposes of registration, notifications and logging in. The forum is generally understood to offer an opportunity for open political discussion with members operating on equal terms.

Privacy on a discussion board can never be 100% guaranteed, as there’s always the possibility of hacking or leakage. There have been several incidences of “outings” on and there have been accidental releases of information from other discussion forums.

However, wilful, systemic or malicious breach of members privacy is another matter and would not in my opinion be acceptable. All websites that hold personal data are required to have a Privacy Statement. The absence of a Privacy Statement on in my opinion should be of concern to you and to all members.

Privacy controls on are unclear. In the last three weeks I have been told by more than one poster on that the name I used in registering my membership has been “bandied about” by a group or clique of site members (which included at least one moderator), in a hostile and physically threatening context.

In addition, a member of the same group used that same name in an abusive pm to me, clearly with the intention to intimidate and harrass. This same member has (I’m told) threatened violence against me in writing. I asked him several times on two threads how he obtained my registration name and he refused to reply.

It also appears possible (from a recent post) that a member of the same group, who is not a moderator, has had access to members’ private messages

Yet another member of the former user-group has recently claimed that one of this group is a Guard who knows the “real” identity of another site member. Questions about both Guard role and site privacy arise, if this is true. If untrue, it was an unacceptable untruth by the poster, intended to intimidate.


All of this information was provided on site and can be substantiated. I have kept screen grabs of the relevant posts for my records.

I also note that you propose in your recent “Stopping Trolls” Opening Post to involve “security” and the Gardai in the internal management and scrutiny of the website. While I support efforts to reduce trolling and don’t support any illegal behaviour, I would like to enquire if you believe this will be compatible with the privacy of members’ data.

The future (and present) of – Stopping the Trolls members, myself included, have supported, and continue to support, your efforts to overcome the various problems has been experiencing. I am sure that these issues can be solved if an open and serious effort is made to deal with them. I am requesting you to take steps to introduce a Privacy Statement and policy and to deal with the other issues I’ve raised here in relation to privacy and personal attacks.

As a precaution, I provided this message to a number of Site Members on the understanding that one of them will post it as an OP if I am banned.

Cactusflower 18 December 2009


I was banned on the evening of 18th December without explanation. I request an
explanation for the banning, the opportunity to respond to any alleged reason and reinstatement of my membership.

The pretext I believe may have been that I had read tweets of a member, dot. II would like to point out that twitter is an open medium ( unless privacy settings are selected) . dot advertises her blog on, has widely published her blogger identity as being dot and takes every opportunity to maximize the audience of her blogs. Imo any such complaint would be ludicrous beyond belief.

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to the author’s subscribers who are known as followers. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow open access”


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Banned from

Lots of people have been getting banned in a counterrevolution by the former Libertas cadre and their former founder David Cochrane.

Cochrane spent lat night banning anti Libertas posters across the political spectrum from the site he owns.

The bannings followed the online resignation from posting by Libertas employee Alan Kennedy aka Cookimonster on More on this when I have the time to wrote up the sordid affairs that take place in re the sites admin and privacy.It seems David could not part with his Libertas buddy and decided to ban all anti Libertas posters from the site.

In the meantime as Machinenation is off line CactusFlower (also banned last night in the lastest attack on debate on , a supposed political debating site) has set up a new forum

you can register

Banned from

The end of

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Lisbon Treaty comes into effect today

The Lisbon Treaty comes into effect today however it would be wise to moniter and protect against the disparate groups of loony right wingers who came out of the woodwork to protest against it.
Groups such as COIR and off shoots like Renew must be guarded against.

The Legatus connections with Libertas and Declan Ganley must be fully explored and exposed.

They hav'nt gone away you know.
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