Monday, November 11, 2013

We hav'nt gone away you know People Korps will be back 18 Nov. 2013

People Korps will resume broadcasts on 18 Nov. The crisis approaches

LUCINDA Creighton (the wicked with of the East) has fueled speculation about the setting up of a new political party after meeting with her one-time opponent on EU issues, Declan Ganley (the ogre of the West).

The former European affairs minister and the former Libertas leader were spotted talking in theShelbourne Hotel in Dublin, along with political activist John McGurk (the hired hand thrown out of several mainstream parties with a chip on his shoulder that is about to get bigger), last week.
Ms Creighton accused Mr Ganley during the Lisbon Treaty referendum of telling "lies" to the public – an allegation he obviously denied.
Not for the first time, the Reform Alliance and rebel Fine Gael TD has caused ripples with her encounters with other prominent figures not aligned to other parties.
Just a fortnight after her departure as a junior minister over the abortion legislation, Ms Creighton had lunch with former justice minister Michael McDowell (the potential for disaster).
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