Monday, August 22, 2011

TV3 and Vincent Browne hand national airwaves to fascists

And from the Irish Independent

TV3 admits getting it wrong on show's guest

BROADCASTER TV3 has confirmed a guest on a TV show was not a former MEP for Nicholas Sarkozy's UMP party but had in fact been elected to the European Parliament for the far-right National Front, writes Harry Leech.

On Thursday night, Declan Ganley, who was guest presenting the 'Tonight with Vincent Browne' show, introduced Yvan Blot on the programme, saying: "I'm joined tonight by Yvan Blot, one of France's top civil servants and a former MP and MEP in Sarkozy's UMP."

While Mr Blot is now a member of the UMP, when he was elected as an MEP in 1989 he was a member of Jean-Marie Le Pen's far right party the Front National.

The broadcaster said it would be happy to clarify the issue on today's show.

Irish Independent

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