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The Silencing of the Hacks – Ganley Threatens Journalist With Arrest Over Tweets and Blog from Political World

From Political World Blog see http://itsapoliticalworld.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/the-silencing-of-the-hacks-ganley-threatens-journalist-with-arrest-over-tweets-and-blog/

The Silencing of the Hacks – Ganley Threatens Journalist With Arrest Over Tweets and Blog

December 15, 2012 - 2 Responses By C Flower
A journalist and member of Politicalworld.org, Kevin Barrington, has been threatened with arrest and is being sued by Declan Ganley for remarks made in recent tweets and also for a blog post on the right wing groupings gathered under the Libertas eu umbrella.  The blog post was made last May on Barrington’s personal blog.  There is nothing unusual in this, as Ganley has a history of threatening legal action against critics. Anyone raising his history in Iraq, his extensive involvement with the US military, his Eastern European business interests and the very toxic collection of far right traditionalists, near-nazis, anti-semites and Hitler-saluting nationalists who he attempted to weld together into a pan European party may expect some kind of hostile attention.
Ganley likes to threaten to sue -
In Barrington’s case, some satirical and unfriendly tweets directed to an Irish comedian, others to the world in general, on pro-life supporters, were retweeted by Ganley and I guess it is those tweets that are subject to action, given that Ganley was mentioned in one.
Barrington, as well as a journalist, is also a poet. Anyone interested in reading his work will find a couple of examples on our writing blog“itsapoeticalworld.” Recommended 
The blog post complained of by Ganley appears to have contained material about Ganley that is historical and widely published elsewhere, including this quote from the Wiesenthal Centre.
Libertas is running some 600 candidates in over 20 of the elections in the 27 member-states. Some of those standing are known antisemites, homophobes and anti-migrant racists. These include:
- Ryszard Bender and Anna Sobecka of the Polish League of Families. Both are supporters of the widely criticized antisemitic Radio Maryja, where Bender was recorded as stating that Auschwitz was ‘not a death camp but a labour camp where Jews and Gypsies were killed by hard labour – not so hard, not always killed.
Georgios Georgiou, of the Greek LAOS party which was described by the United States State Department as antisemitic, racist and xenophobic. Uschi Winkelsett, head of the German extreme right Republikaner party, claimed to have received congratulations from Libertas upon her election. There are also press reports of Libertas’ outreach to the Austrian BZO party of the late Hitler admirer, Jörg Haider.
Since Ganley first appeared on the political scene, he has managed to espouse the US military, “disaster capitalism,” successive business failures, spectacular electoral failure across Europe, Swiss “refuge” banking, and the European far right, abroad, while at home maintaining, by hook or by crook, an image of an “open and transparent” successful entrepreneur on the side of the people. Going so far as to attach himself to the coat tails of the fine people of Ballyhea, who in my opinion deserve much better company.
In the past, Ganley has threatened critical journalists with being sued. This time, he additionally threatened to have the journalist arrested, under the “Non-fatal Offences Against the Person Act” which carries the threat of a large fine and a jail term of up to 6 years. This is a new and disturbing legal approach when used in the arena of political commentary.
I’m making no comments on Barrington’s tweets or the content of the blog article, (other than items quoted in it from published sources), as these matters may come up in Court and should not be prejudiced.
Everyone has a right to their good name. Factual reportage of, and freedom to oppose political viewpoints is also a right of great social importance.
In the last week, another member of the Irish Right – John McGuirk – produced a “list of pro-choice journalists” in a blatant attempt to marginalise and silence pro-choice opinion in the media.  Freedom of the press and of individual journalists to speak their political minds is one of the cornerstones of democratic society.  In the present economic and political turmoil, it needs to be defended firmly.
The far right, when Ganley first came on the political scene, was a dim and microscopic entity. Now we have seen what has happened in Greece, when social fabric is strained by poverty and struggle over diminishing resources, it is more important than ever that it is reported on. If Ganley wants to disassociate himself from his past connections with far right groups, it is open for him to do that through his own political actions and statements, rather than by silencing critics.
C. Flower  15.12.2012

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Fire these Gardai Irish police ignore bankers and beat and arrest music buskers leaving 3000 euros of their equipment on the street to be stolen

The above video show a gang of Irish police men attack and brutally arrest music buskers in Dublin leaving their equipment worth 3000 euro on the street to be stolen. the action by police in an area of Dublin where buskers are part of the tourism of the city leaves this blogger aghast and angry. The badge numbers of several of the Garda (Irish police) are in the video feel free to list in comments below.
It is obvious that the Gardai (Irish police plural) in this situation treated musicians like animals and it is obvious they are not fit to deal with the public in any civil employment. To think that the men in this video wearing the uniform associated with protection of society are unfit for purpose and should be fired with complete loss of all pension rights.

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David Cochrane of politics.ie on politicalworld.org winning Irish blog awards

Vote no to say you have had enough lies and duplicity

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Declan Ganley upset that he cant get more media from his free run in No campaign

Despite this blogger's long opposotion to the Austerity treaty it is worth mentioning a sickening late arrival to the campaign ie Declan Ganley and his media whoring. He tweets today
Although, I have been asked to join the  Pat Kenny show panel on June 1st, after the referendum. RTE
, TV3 and Vincent Browne Last Treaty debate that'll be held on Pat Kenny's show on later this morning, unfortunate I didn't get asked to participate. RTE 
Nothing unfortunate about it, as a member of the un-elected elites he complains about so much about, the only thing that gives him a voice is his spin doctors who are paid for by god knows who= and a with the  compliance of Irish and international media with no moral compass ; who will give voice to supporters and recruiters of holocaust deniers like Declan Ganley. In his run for power Hitler managed to give contradictory speeches to both the workers and the business elites. They never compared notes.
That is something Declan Ganley has successfully done in media terms, more successfully than making his claimed profiting in straight business. THE  Mind boggles. One thing is for sure, whether Ireland votes Yes or No the Irish media would want to pay much closer attention to Declan Ganley and actually do some research into his past, present and potential future.
 They have been remarkably remiss in not highlighting his odious connections thus far with: far right fundamentalists, militarists. war mongers , mafia shysters etc .......when the inlaws are outlaws look for the outcroppings!!!!!!
 Ganley has been afforded national airtime and debate time and this despite recruiting holocaust deniers to his Libertas party in 2009.
 RTE, Pat Kenny, TV3 and Vicent Browne and the rest of Irish media should be aware that supporting a supporter and recruiter of holocaust deniers is a disservice to The Nation. Below is an article which appeared in The Village magazine in 2009 on Declan Ganley and his Libertas party by Mark Murray.

Libertas, the LPR and La Destra: pan-European extremism? Declan Ganley’s Libertas has formed an electoral alliance in Poland with the controversial Liga Polskich Rodzin (LPR), League of Polish Families.
 In March a spokesperson for Libertas told the Irish Times that it “has never allied itself with political parties in Poland”. [1] However, information on the Polish Państwowa Komisja Wyborcza (National Electoral Commission) website shows that 40 out of 128 candidates running under the ‘Komitet Wyborczy Libertas’ (Libertas Election Committee) name in Poland are members of the far-right Liga Polskich Rodzin.
 The words ‘członek Ligi Polskich Rodzin’  (‘member of the League of Polish Families’) appear after the names of 40 out of the 128 candidates on the 'Komitet Wyborczy Libertas' (KW Libertas) lists in Poland. [3]
 The LPR is a controversial far-right, ultra-nationalist, xenophobic and reportedly anti-semitic party, former members of which have been linked to neo-Nazi activity. It campaigned against Polish membership of the EU, describing the EU as a “centralised, socialist superstate”. [4] In 2006, Leokadia Zwiazek, assistant to LPR member and Polish MEP Maciej Giertych, was fired after she appeared in a video showing members of All-Polish Youth “gathering around a burning swastika and chanting ‘Sieg Heil’”. A song with the words “Stand up and beat this canting Jewish mug … Without mercy kill it, without scruples beat the evil” played during the party. [5]
 All-Polish Youth is a youth political movement previously associated with the LPR. Roman Giertych, former leader of the LPR and son of Maciej Giertych, was its honorary chairman. [6] Maciej Giertych, the MEP known for supporting creationists [7] and claiming that “dinosaurs coexisted with humans” [8], caused controversy when he gave a speech in the European Parliament praising Spanish dictator General Franco:
 Thanks to the Spanish right, the Spanish army, its leaders and thanks to General Francisco Franco in particular, the Communist attack on Catholic Spain was thwarted.” [9]
 Giertych published a booklet in 2007, ‘Civilizations at War in Europe’ in which he wrote of the “biological separateness” of Jews and claimed that Jews “form the ghettos themselves”. [10] His booklet was condemned by Polish MEPs who said that there was no place for “anti-Semitism, racism, and xenophobia” in Europe. [11] Libertas previously cut links with the LPR after another former leader, Mirosław Orzechowski, was charged with drink driving. [12] [13]
 His replacement, Wojciech Wierzejski, is now the lead candidate on the KW Libertas list for Kraków. [14] Wierzejski is known for his homophobic remarks. He said that if German gay activists, attending a rally in Poland, were hit “with a stick, they won't come again”. [15] There are at least two other candidates on the KW Libertas lists who are known for controversial statements.
The first is Anna Sobecka, who broadcasts on, and signed a letter of support for [16], ultra-Catholic Radio Maryja which “openly agitates against Jews” and has been criticized by the Pope. [17] Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, head of Radio Maryja “reportedly accused Jews of greed” and has been described as a “sort of a Goebbels with a collar” by the founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. [18]
 The second is Ryszard Bender, the Polish politician and historian who said that Auschwitz  was a labour camp rather than a death camp
 Both Bender and Sobecka appear on the KW Libertas lists, officially as ‘non-party candidate[s]’. Bender, a member of the Polish Senate, previously claimed that Auschwitz was not a death camp, but a work camp: Auschwitz was not a death camp, it was a labor camp. … Actually, labor was not always hard and not always were [inmates] annihilated," he told right-wing Catholic Radio Marjya.” [19] Bender is the lead candidate on the KW Libertas list for Olsztyn. [20]
 Meanwhile, in Italy, Libertas has formed an alliance with L'Autonomia, a group of parties that have combined with Libertas to “run together” for the European elections. [21]
 One of these parties is La Destra (The Right), led by Teodoro Buontempo. who left Alleanza Nazionale (National Alliance), successor party to  Movimento Sociale Italiano, to join La Destra in 2007.[22] Buontempo was head of the Rome federation of Movimento Sociale Italiano (MSI)  a ‘neo-fascist’ party set up in 1946 by supporters of Mussolini and the Italian Social Republic, the Nazi puppet-state set up in northern Italy during WWII. [23]
   In 1994, “a gang of 200 Nazi-skins marched through the northern Italian city of Vicenza shouting racist slogans and waving banners with swastika-like emblems. Mainstream political leaders expressed outrage, but not Teodoro Buontempo, 48, a self-proclaimed fascist elected to Parliament in March on the ticket of the National Alliance, the successor to the party founded by followers of Benito Mussolini. In an interview with the Turin daily La Stampa, Buontempo said, "I would send them into the midst of society" to proclaim their values.” [24]
 Buontempo’s home has been described as “a shrine to [Mussolini]”, “full of memorabilia…a painting of the great man, superimposed on a storm-tossed sea, by his grandson Romano; a bottle of wine, "Vino Nero", the black label emblazoned with a bundle of fasces and the letter M”. [25]
 The links between Libertas and far-right, ultra-Catholic conservative nationalists in Poland and Italy has caused a split in the small Spanish party, los Ciudadanos (the Citizens) which describes itself as “centre-left”, “non-nationalist” and in favour of “a secular state”. [26] Despite this, the party leadership decided to enter into an electoral ‘coalition’ with Libertas under the name 'Libertas-Ciudadanos de España'. [27] Leading party members, and the majority of Madrid members, have left in protest at its alliance with Libertas and almost 300 members signed a 'manifesto' condemning the decision as a betrayal of the party’s values and calling for it to be reversed. [28] Those who remain are defensive. A spokesperson for the Vallès Oriental branch said En ningún caso tenemos nada que ver o con Libertas Polonia”.
 “In no case do we have anything in common with Libertas Poland”. Except Libertas and its alliances with the LPR and La Destra.

[2] http://pe2009.pkw.gov.pl/PUE/EN/KOMITETY/dsk.htm (in English) [3] http://pe2009.pkw.gov.pl/PUE/EN/KOMITETY/k44.htm (in English: click on name of constituency under heading ‘Location’ to see candidate names and party affiliations) [4] http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4754079.stm  [5] http://www.warsawvoice.pl/view/13375/  http://www.ejpress.org/article/12523 [6] http://www.ejpress.org/article/12523 [7] http://www.theotokos.org.uk/pages/creation/gjkeane/foreword.html [8] http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v444/n7117/full/444265d.html [9] http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/world/2009/0319/1224243069179.html [10] http://www.warsawvoice.pl/view/20010 [11] http://pe2009.pkw.gov.pl/PUE/EN/KOMITETY/k44_10.htm [12] http://miasta.gazeta.pl/warszawa/1,74679,3337662.html (in Polish) [13] http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.do?pubRef=-//EP//TEXT+CRE+20060704+ITEM-004+DOC+XML+V0//EN&language=EN&query=INTERV&detail=2-016 [14] http://polish-youth.org/civilisations-at-war/,The-Jewish-civilisation [15] http://www.alde.eu/en/details/news/statement-by-the-polish-meps-on-maciej-giertych-booklet/?no_cache=1&cHash=8764744d02 [16] http://www.warsawvoice.pl/view/11264
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Total resistance to any extradition of Irish students on alleged hacking crime

Heads up to FBI and others I pledge Total resistance to any extradition of Irish students on alleged hacking crime. Just so you know the pr will be great but you will not send Irish boys to your rape farms without total resistence and boycotts of US citizens at Irish academic institutions. Move on you will lose this one

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vote YES to Austerity or Denis O'Brien will be unhappy

Having paid a  Fine Gael Minister Michael Lowry (now an independent TD) nearly 1 million euros seriel litigant Denis O'Brien scored a major coup in March by buying Siteserv for a paltry 45 million. The company was given a 100 plus million write-down on its debt to Anglo Irish Bank by Nama and refused to engage po other higher tential higher bidders. The French higher offerer recently recanted and withdrew from stink making  as they sought to buy some parts of the business....oh why

perhaps because they will get them! We will watch that story.

And why oh why? Is it because Siteserv just got a 60 million euro deal from Bord Gas and also will put the water meters in Irish homes and service them in a deal worth several hundred million initially?

 As Siteserv can make 12 million a year proifit as it stands O'Brien could have cleared his 45 million investment in record time however with the new Fine Gael Labour sponsered contracts he will be profiting from the Irish People for decades more.

Meanwhile his puppets have plenty of cash for posters

Vote NO because you are being treated like eejits 
Vote No because you have the right to say NO to  Denis O'Brien, Fine Gael,  Labour and Fianna Fail who fail to explain that this treaty is already a dead letter as France will say No 


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New Politics for Ireland

If Ireland continues on the current path it will be the far right that exploit the weakness. A new politcal force is needed that is not led by a Declan Ganley type or a Denis O'Brien type nor a Gerry Adams type nor an Enda Kenny who is partner in our destruction with Merkel and Sarkozy nor Michael Martin who is lumbered with the baggage of his past.

The disillusioned of all the main parties and the wise of all quarters of society must join forces

Irish for Change!
Ireland for the people ? All the people.

Lets get the show moving
this blog is now a vehicle for change

Enda Kenny goes against the cause of Ireland VOTE NO FOR A FUTURE

Enda Kenny despite the reality proudly displays thousands of euros of wasted funds on his posters which are to encourage the people of Ireland to vote for a constitutional change that will hard wire austerity into the reality of future life in Ireland in our Nation's constitution.
Enda Kenny takes this step despite the fact that across Europe governments are falling as a result of his political partners Merkel and Sarkozy plans for Europe. By Next Sunday Sarkozy will be confined to history and even if by a miracle he survives the French presidential vote he has pledged to hold a referendum on the treaty in France which will not pass.

The people of Ireland have a chance to say they have had enough austerity, enough failed politics and enough bailouts of banks at the cost of health services, pensioners, workers and social services and welf


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hollande says Ireland does not have to vote YES

Ireland must vote No

Austerity Treaty whitewash website funded by Taxpayers

The Austerity treaty website is a whitewash by the Irish Governmnet with public funds paying for far right Sarkozy partners Fine Gael and their Labour minions http://www.stabilitytreaty.ie/

Revolution now
VOTE NO because you can
Use your voice tell the government you are not dementedly acquiescent.
remember that France's new president  Hollande will not ratify this treaty

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nain Sarkozy to FN " I will stick a melon up my arse if you vote for me"

French soon to be ex president has promised Front National voters that he will stick a melon up his arse on live TV if they vote for him on May 6.

Ok he did not quite say that but he is promising a racist reach around if the 6 million Front National voters vote for him.

Sarkozy even said he was pro worker despite increasing the unemployed by 1 million he attacks social welfare. If he were to be elected again the people he will put out of work can expect what? less benefits?

Sarkozy should not wait only a stunt like stuffing a melon up his arse on live TV before the election might save him.

Bye Bye  nain.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ganley and Brevick one recruited True Finns the other was promoted by True Finns

How much healthcare and education would France and the Uks military spending provide?

Britain spent $62.7bn and France $62.5bn in 2011 on arms and armies.

How much healthcare education, employment and social programs of housing would that have provided? Answers on postcards to your local MP, newspaper and in the case of France presidential candidates.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lt Col Shalom Eisner of Israel Defense forces shame on your Nazi style thuggery

The people of Israel will know that this blog has been at the forefront of exposing the dark face of global racism, neo Nazi thuggery  and Antisemitism. Therefore the people of Israel should take note that this blogger finds the actions of Lt Col Shalom Eisner reprehensible and unacceptable. Israel cannot have its cake and eat it any more. Too many crimes against humanity and injustices including imprisonmnet without due process are occurring. 
Whereas this blogger will continue to expose Antisemitism globally and campaign against its emergence in new European political movements rest assured that Nazi style thuggery by the IDF will also be exposed and publicised.

To the family and friends of Lt Col Shalom Eisner you should note that this man you know is a viscous thug unfit to wear a uniform even that of janitor a a hog farm.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Murder apologist decries McCarthyism in Irish media

Alan Shatter a supporter of genocide in the middle east decries what he terms "McCarthyism" in the Irish media over his alledged cronyism with the disgraced TD Michael Lowry who recieved nearly 1 million euro from business man and political money giver Denis O'Brien.

Shatter who has been defended by this blogger in the past from anti Semites might take note ...this blogger does not take kindly to false metaphors.

Resign now Shatter and go promote your friend's genocidal behavior elsewhere than the pages of the Irish Times and the Irish Dail. Corruptions stench is licking at your feet.

If you met with the disgraced (well you obviously did as he is your pal)  Lowry admit it and stop being a petulant pup.

Resign now you and the other Fine Gael members who support Lowry and yet condemn Bertie Ahren and Charles Haughey must realise that the Irish Poeple see all corrupt politicians  in the same light.... the scum of the earth...Go figure.
Resign and go retire. You would be welcomed by your paymasters in Galilee

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Council of Europe commitment to human rights in doubt after ruling in Abu Hamsa case

The European Court of Human Rights has cast the entire notion of a Council of Europe and what it stands for into doubt today with its controversial ruling that allows for  sending people not charged with violent crimes to a potential brutal regime of solitary confinement for life , without human contact or exercise,  in USA super max prisons.

The European Court of Human Rights has allowed for people to be sent for permanent incarceration in isolation, in a concrete room, 7ft by 12ft , where the only light comes from a 10cm by 40 cm "window" and all exercise must be in a concrete bunker like swimming pool after invasive and  sexually abusive strip searches. The cells and exercise facilities are designed to disorientate the prisoner and no maximum tariff is set for sentences.

Most prisoners spend up to 23 hours a day in their cells, every minute, every meal. The window in their cell is blocked so they can't see the mountains. Inmates can watch a 12" black and white television or read books to pass the time. And if they behave, they may get limited exercise in a one-man recreation pen. 

 The fact that the European Court of Human Rights fails to regard such incarceration conditions as a violation of human rights or indeed torture must be regarded in the most serious way as a violation of the notion that the European Union is an institution worthy of support or indeed continuation.

The fact that the Council of Europe now allows for barbaric treatment of human beings to be legal negates the ethos of European Convention on Human Rights

There is now a determined rot at the heart of Europe both economically and legally.

Life in the prison the  Council of Europe  says is humane includes humiliating strip searches on each movement of a prisoner even to exercise. eg
Yousef has lived in the ADX for 11 years, sacrificing to live by his own code. "Something as simple as recreating, he would have to be strip searched to go recreate. He chose not to do that because of his belief that it would be inappropriate for us to show his body, or see his body," Hood says.
"And so he stays in the cell?" Pelley asks.
"Never been out, to my knowledge," Hood says

and forced feeding60 Minutes has been told that there have been frequent hunger strikes among the Islamic terrorist inmates inside Supermax and to keep the inmates alive there are often force feedings. That's when an inmate is restrained and liquid nourishment is poured down a tube in his nose. We're told there have been about a dozen hunger strikers and one of them used to be Osama bin Laden's secretary. 
Former Warden Robert Hood told us that he supervised many of these feedings. "I probably conducted, authorized, conducted 350, maybe 400 of involuntary feedings. Again, not…individuals, because you could have one person, three meals a day for, you know, two months. That adds up," he tells Pelley

This is what the European Court of Human Rights now deems humane. Some are even further detained without even human contact of any kind because of "a look in their eyes"
As strict as that seems, 60 Minutes has been told there is an even higher level of confinement, sort of an "ultramax" inside Supermax. It's a group of cells where there's virtually no human contact, not even with guards and there are only two prisoners are considered so dangerous that they're locked in this place that's known as "Range 13."
One of them is Tommy Silverstein, who killed a prison guard; the other is World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef. 
Warden Hood says Yousef is on Range 13 for just one reason. "He has that Charlie Manson look," Hood says. "He just has the eyes. He has some charisma about him. He's in uniform. But you know that there's a powerful person that you're looking at."
"You didn't want him in a place where he could give anybody any orders?" Pelley asks.
"True," Hood agrees.
All contact with the outside world and family is rescinded  as in the case of a prisoner never tried for the death of his cellmate in another prison but transferred to ADX Florence, Colorado, 

 Linderman had been in another prison for robbery until his cellmate there was found stabbed to death. Linderman wasn't tried for the murder but they transferred him to the ADX or Supermax. He was released, robbed a bank, and 60 Minutes found him in a Washington State prison.
"How is the ADX different than other lockups you've been in?" Pelley asks.
"Your connections to the outside. Your family. Through phone calls, visits, all those are pretty much stopped at the ADX. There's no comparison," Linderman explains.
"You talk about the brutality of isolation, what do you mean by that?" Pelley asks.
"It breaks down the human spirit. It breaks down the human psyche. It breaks your mind," Linderman says. 
The fact that a European Court of Human Rights can  deem it correct for a person allegedly a fund raiser, a preacher and others against whom there is not even a charge of violence against, to be locked down for their lives in such conditions and deem them to be humane is  beyond being a cause of great concern. It is  a reason to abandon the entire  Council of Europe !

There is nothing to be gained by being part of inhumanity.


According to The Guardian

Prison reformers have long objected to the prolonged use of solitary confinement at the ADX, which in some cases has lasted for more than a decade. David Fathi, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's national prison project, described the conditions as "extraordinarily harsh".
"Solitary confinement, even for a few months, let alone for more than a decade, can be shattering," he said


For this blogger this decision by the European Court of Human Rights indicates that  stronger and more proactive intercession in the political sphere is necessary.
If the European Union has decided to abrogate and turn its back on basic Human Rights then it is the right of all European  citizens to repudiate and resist by all mean necessary the power of injustice and unjust legal practices and decisions.

It is clear that the  Council of Europe  cannot have it both ways. Either it protects its citizens and  residents from abuses or it abrogates its legal rights and can expect  its citizens to defend themselves proactively against torture and violations of human rights which are now allowed by a decision of the  second  highest court in the system created by the European Convention of Human Rights. .

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time to stretch necks? No off with their heads

It is obvious that the Irish people can take no more so what are our options? One suggestion is quite humane and a fine way of dealing with corrupt elites

Boycott Fine Gael and Labour and their supporters who deny cancer treatment and pain relief to the sick

While Fine Gael and Labour are happy to hand the disgraced billionaire Denis O'Brien taxpayer's companies like Siteserv at knockdown prices  they would deny a poor man his pain treatment at St Vincent's hospital because "he is from Donegal" not "Dublin".

If they can treat one man with cancer thus then before too long it will be you, your child or parent that this despicable shower will deny medical treatment to.

It behooves the Irish people to deny items such as fuel. food and companionship to TDs, senators, party members and cadre of Fine Gael and Labour  and revile them publicly at Mass, in the streets, in the supermarkets and shops, at marts, garages and in all public places.
. Shun the supporters of this Fine Gael and Labour.

They are immoral pain givers let them feel pain.

Fine Gael and Labour deny Cancer patients pain relief

Having stated that cancer care must be centralised, a Donegal man has been left in agony because the Labour / Fine Gael government have withdrawn his health care to him because he is not from Dublin or Leinster. It is time inflict serious pain on the rats in power in Ireland.

For a start a boycott on providing all services to health minister Dr James O'Rielly should be instigated followed by a withdrawal of all services to all government personnel.This may be followed by a boycott of all party members of the two leading government parties.

If there were any justice then TDs from the leading parties should be subjected to an equal measure of pain per week as Mr Thomas Keaveney.

The time for revolution is NOW


Cancer patient refused specialist pain treatment due to cutbacks
By Fiachra Ó Cionnaith
Saturday, April 07, 2012
A man who survived cancer three times in the last decade has been told he can no longer receive specialist pain treatment at a major hospital due to HSE and Department of Health cutbacks.
Thomas Keaveney, aged 40, from Lifford in Co Donegal, revealed the situation in a letter sent to Health Minister Dr James Reilly and seen by the Irish Examiner.
The father-of-two was first diagnosed with seminoma/testicular cancer at Letterkenny General Hospital in 2001 before being referred to St Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin for specialist care.
Just two years later he was again diagnosed with cancer, this time of the stomach glands and chest glands, and returned to St Vincent’s for chemotherapy.
Despite the high-quality care he received, in 2005 the stomach and chest cancer relapsed and were joined by a cancerous tumour in the base of Mr Keaveney’s neck, meaning he had to return to St Vincent’s for aggressive chemotherapy.
After this treatment ended on Dec 27, 2005, Mr Keaveney suffered related pains in his neck and back and began specialist pain treatment at St Vincent’s from 2006 until this week.
However, despite the delicate nature of the support — which involves inserting needles which burn off the damaged areas’ nerve endings to provide short-term pain relief — on Tuesday, he was told he could no longer receive this support.
Explaining the sudden change, a member of pain specialist consultant Dr Declan O’Keeffe’s team told Mr Keaveney this was because of HSE and Department of Health budget cut-related changes which mean hospitals cannot provide the care to patients outside their catchment area.
The only catchment area Mr Keaveney lives in is for Letterkenny General and Sligo General — neither of which have the necessary specialist services he needs.
"I was taken into an office and a doctor proceeded to ask me how I was feeling. I said I was glad to be there because I was in a lot of pain.
"At this point her facial expression changed and she began to tell me that, due to cutbacks and more so that because I was not in the catchment area, they could no longer offer me the procedures," the letter to Mr Reilly stated.
"Dr O’Keeffe confirmed the above and went on to state that he too was upset to tell his patients this; that his role was to monitor his patients and administer appropriate medical treatment, not to tell them that they could no longer receive this due to money issues," it added.
Speaking to this newspaper, Mr Keaveney said neither he nor the hospital knows where he will now receive the support needed, if it is provided.
A spokesperson for St Vincent’s said the case will be raised with the hospital’s board on Monday week in an attempt to find a solution, but stressed that the facility currently has no option other than imposing HSE and Department of Health policies.
"We have been told by the HSE that we will not be funded for treating patients from outside our catchment area, and that the HSE funding provided is to be dedicated to the care of St Vincent’s catchment area patients only, except in the case of the national designated liver transplant programme," he said.
"St Vincent’s has pursued this approach with deep regret, but it has no option."
A spokesperson for the minister declined to comment on the specific case.

Read more: http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/cancer-patient-refused-specialist-pain-treatment-due-to-cutbacks-189758.html#.T4C5HWgFll4.twitter#ixzz1rOooNDqH
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