Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eamon Gilmore lied re Frankfort's way and his oppostion to Fine Gael's Merkozy policy Vote NO tell them that we have had enough of their lies

Eamon Gilmore was very resolute in the following clip about rejecting biothe Fine Gael and Fianna Fail's knee bending to Merkel in his bid toi get elected. His nech person the minister for misery Joan Burton was equally so. See what he really said in his Labour's way or Frankfort's way press statement.
Note that Gilmore's duplicity and public lying was also exposed in the Wikileaks US diplomatic documnets where he publicly stated their would be no  second referendum on Lisbon 2 and at the same time was telling the USA amnbassador that their would be ...liars can not be trusted. Vote No tell Fine Gael and Labour that their time is up ...............The first choice that our voters are going to have to make is whether our budgets are made in Frankfurt or by the democratically elected government of the Irish People.... Obviously Gilmore and Joan Burton had a change of heart Vote no to say you have had enough lies and duplicity

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