Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vote YES to Austerity or Denis O'Brien will be unhappy

Having paid a  Fine Gael Minister Michael Lowry (now an independent TD) nearly 1 million euros seriel litigant Denis O'Brien scored a major coup in March by buying Siteserv for a paltry 45 million. The company was given a 100 plus million write-down on its debt to Anglo Irish Bank by Nama and refused to engage po other higher tential higher bidders. The French higher offerer recently recanted and withdrew from stink making  as they sought to buy some parts of the business....oh why

perhaps because they will get them! We will watch that story.

And why oh why? Is it because Siteserv just got a 60 million euro deal from Bord Gas and also will put the water meters in Irish homes and service them in a deal worth several hundred million initially?

 As Siteserv can make 12 million a year proifit as it stands O'Brien could have cleared his 45 million investment in record time however with the new Fine Gael Labour sponsered contracts he will be profiting from the Irish People for decades more.

Meanwhile his puppets have plenty of cash for posters

Vote NO because you are being treated like eejits 
Vote No because you have the right to say NO to  Denis O'Brien, Fine Gael,  Labour and Fianna Fail who fail to explain that this treaty is already a dead letter as France will say No 


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