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From Russia With Love: Vaclav Klaus the darling of Russia's media

KGB asset Klaus is in demand among his old friends from story from
Presseurop on Klaus's state visit to Russia last week. He also promised his pay masters that he will never sign the Lisbon Treaty on the visit.

Time to impeach the old traitor to his Prague Spring buddies.

Mr. Klaus, while a 21-year-old student at the University of Economics, Prague, in 1962, was recruited by Czech counterintelligence officers and put to work as a spy against democratic reformers with whom he studied and later worked. For five decades he has concealed a murky past of betrayal and deception.

Codenamed “Vodichka,” Mr. Klaus is said to have been “an avid and willing informant” who reported on the political reliability of his classmates — two of whom were expelled because of the information he provided.

For his cooperation, Mr. Klaus was allowed to travel abroad on research projects –first to Italy in 1966, and three years later to Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y.

Mr. Klaus is understood to have reported to Czech intelligence officers on the activities of Czech opposition groups within the United States during the aftermath of the “Prague Spring” rebellion.

In 1970 Mr. Klaus starred in “Operation Rattrap,” staged by Czech counterintelligence with the assistance of Soviet KGB advisers. Mr. Klaus was publicly named as an “anti-socialist malcontent” and “purged” from the Economic Institute. Its purpose was to pose Mr. Klaus as a “victim” of the regime so he could continue to penetrate dissident circles as a deep-cover mole.

Václav Klaus, from Russia with love

He describes himself as "a European dissident" and the Russian media has welcomed him with open arms. On a state visit this week, the Czech President showed that he is keen to develop economic and personal ties with Moscow — a policy which Hospodářské Noviny remarks is not without its disadvantages.

Václav Klaus' state visit to Russia comes just a few days after he provoked an outcry in Europe by imposing yet another obstacle to his signing of the Lisbon Treaty. In Moscow he told his hosts that he was "seriously concerned by the plan to reinforce European integration."

Klaus is one Czech politician who is not afraid of adopting a strongly pro-Russian stance, unlike Mirek Topolánek's government, which backed a policy of stronger links with the United States until it collapsed in April.

On the occasion of a visit to the United States in September, Klaus declared that Moscow was much less of a threat to the Czech Republic than an over-regulated European Union. In a recent interview with [the neo-conservative American daily] the Washington Times, he averred that "the political system and freedom in Russia is now the highest and the best in the history of Russia in the last two millennia."

Russian media idol

When he was prime minister from 1992 to 1997, Václav Klaus generally adopted a pro-western line. It was only after he left the government that he began to explicitly criticize European integration and the United States. This change of course was later confirmed when he expressed his reservations about NATO's bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999.

It was also during this period that the Russian media first took an interest in him. Today, many Russian journalists actively promote Klaus to the extent that he now occupies much more space in the Russian media than all of the other Eastern European leaders. His statements on "the gratuitous Russophobia" of the Western elites are especially popular with pro-Kremlin journalists, and also with the renowned Russian political analyst Mikhaïl Delyagin, who in a recent article on the Lisbon crisis presented an alleged quote from Klaus, which states that accession to the European Union has resulted in considerable financial losses for the Czech Republic.

"In many respects, Václav Klaus is something of a dinosaur from the period when a bi-polar division prevailed in world politics. Having attempted and failed to carve a pro-western niche for himself — a political role that was occupied by Václav Havel — it was only logical that he should turn towards Russia," remarks political scientist Michael Romancov, a professor at the Metropolitan University of Prague.

Notwithstanding his popularity in the Russian media, the leadership in the Kremlin has no scruples about dispelling any illusions that he may have about his status in international politics. On a previous visit to Russia, Klaus attempted to reassure Vladimir Putin that the American antimissile radar would not be directed towards Russia — an assertion, which amused the Russian Prime Minister, and to which he laughingly replied, "But in any case, you wouldn't have any influence over that." The Czech President was visibly stung by the exchange.

Increasingly rare visits to the West

Medvedev is without a doubt the most important head of state to invite Klaus since he was re-elected. However, he has only rarely been received by his western counterparts on state visits. "In part this is due to the fact that he was so hyperactive after his first election, when he visited a large number of countries, which means that he now has to wait a few years before he is invited again.

However, there is also a more obvious reason: heads of state do not want to invite him now because of his position on European integration," says the Chairman of the Christian democrats and a former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cyril Svoboda. Ireland is one of the few western countries to have welcomed Klaus on an official visit since his re-election. But even there he managed to fall out with the government by publicly voicing his support for Declan Ganley's anti-Lisbon Libertas movement.

Relations between Klaus and his French opposite number, Nicolas Sarkozy, are particularly fraught, with both heads of state launching regular attacks on each other via the media. Lost recently in December of 2008, Klaus indirectly accused Sarkozy of damaging the European Union. Last year, he traveled to France twice but he did not meet with any political leaders in the course of his visits.

Of oil and nuclear energy

During his visit to Moscow, Václav Klaus "encouraged Russian companies to participate in calls for tender for new units to be added to the Temelín nuclear power station," notes Hospodářské Noviny. According to the Prague business daily, Russian companies voiced their interest in the Czech energy sector at the meeting of the Russian-Czech commission, held in Prague in September, which was attended by Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov and representatives of Loukoil, Russia's biggest private oil company. The Hospodářské Noviny report is quick to point out that Loukil "was the Russian sponsor of Blue Planet in Green Shackles," Klaus's book in which he dismisses concerns about global warming.

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Ganley company reports €2.57 million in losses

The latest bad news from Tuam is that alleged millionaire , Declan Ganley, has reported continuing losses in his GANLEY CORPORATE Management Ltd.
Interesting time for him to start a political party and hire Joe Trippi to help raise funds.
Again People Korps asks, does anyone know if Rivada Networks is a profitable firm? It has big contracts with the US military but what does it cost to run?
Will an Obama led White House continue to give contracts to Rivada, a firm associated with senior figures in G.W. Bush's administration? These included Jack Shaw, a Dick Cheney employee whose activities in Iraq, as well as Ganleys, were dealt with in the book Blood Money by T. Christian Miller as well as the general who led the "War on Terror" Richard Meyers.

Shaw actively campaigned against Obama in the run up to the 2008 US presidential elections.

Ganley management firm posts €2.5m loss

COLM KEENA Public Affairs Correspondent
GANLEY CORPORATE Management Ltd, a company associated with anti-Lisbon Treaty campaigner Declan Ganley, had €209,557 in cash on December 31st, 2008, according to accounts filed recently.

The abridged accounts show the company’s accumulated losses at year’s end were €2.57 million, down from €2.59 million the previous year. No profit figure is given in the accounts.

The cash balance at year’s end compared with €14,851 at the previous year’s end. However, creditors due to be paid within one year also increased substantially, to €135,408 at December 31st, 2008, from €16,248 the previous year.

The directors of the company, which is based at Mr Ganley’s home at Moyne Park, Tuam, Co Galway, are Mr Ganley and his brother Seán. The company’s two issued €2 shares are owned by Golden Bay Holdings Ltd, Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies, the company’s ultimate parent, according to the accounts. The Ganley brothers have no interest in the shares of the parent company, the accounts state.

Mr Ganley previously told The Irish Times he uses Ganley Corporate Management for the development of business projects. He owned the company’s shares up to December 31st, 2005.

Ganley Corporate Management was the owner of another Tuam company, Rivada Networks Ltd, in May 2006. By the end of that year, Rivada Networks was the subsidiary of a US company, Rivada Networks LLC, which has telecommunications contracts in the US.

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If Libertas come back from the dead?

Will they be led by him?

Coir are not Catholics and should be excommunicated

I found this tonight on and it is clear that as I have often said that COIR are not adherents of the Catholic faith but are a heretical sect and should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. It is time real Catholics made a stand and petitioned for their excommunication.

they are homophobic , hate their fellow man and think most Catholics are evil.

Altruist Status: Offline
Senior Member

Originally Posted by donalmc View Post
Coir were perfectly entitled to say what they wanted, even if most of it was drivel (my opinion - which I am also entitled to). I am strongly of the opinion that Coir generated way more Yes votes than No votes (again, my opinion...).
I think folk should be accountable for the aforementioned 'drivel' that they're respectively spewing. Coir, my friends, spewed a lot of incoherent, hateful drivel that I feel is conducive to their cultish zealotry. Allow me to be specific:

First meeting with a Coir representative: I was told about several apparitions the representative had and how Eastern meditations are evil but Catholic meditation is benign.

Second meeting with a Coir representative: I was told that homesexuals are natural pedophiles and that as parents they will physically and mentally abuse the child surrogated or adopted. (I was even given a book on the topic)

Third meeting with Coir representative (over phone): I was told that Catholicism/Christianity was the ONLY way to being a truly good person and that all other major world religions simply had it wrong despite similarities.

To any reasonable or educated individual something should seem intrinsically wrong with all of this. It is backwards and subsequently harmful disinformation. Even after starting this thread and voicing my grievances with Coir's zealotry I have been told by Coir supporters:

  • ... that Coir condones women dieing on recreational drugs.
  • ... that I must have an incomplete soul that's possessed by Satan because I disagree with Coir.
  • ... I must clearly be a member of the KKK because I'm speaking out against Coirs bigotry.

I'm calling you out Coir, as the uneducated, self-righteous, religious and hateful loons that you are. If you're entitled to your freedom of speech then why should I not be entitled to mine? I know I'm not alone on this. You're not respected by anyone who can think for themselves and see past your redundant and counterproductive indoctrinations.

I only find solace in the fact that their false religion, principles and societal influence will die out in but two to three generations. My generation is too educated to not see the woods for the trees. Bigotry is bigotry, simple as. That's why Coir have failed to reach the populace as a whole and will subsequently disappear like an unpleasant memory. It's people and ideologies have no legacy.

You point the finger at those who didn't canvas without realizing that non-academic Bible humping dinosaurs like you warded off my demographic in the first place.

Context: I canvassed and distributed for Coir until I researched their background and regressive perspectives.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Declan Ganley and Libertas European election scam exposed, more debts outstanding in Spain

Whatever hopes Declan Ganley may have had of starting a new party have been dealt another blow as the Spainish Libertas leader states he has been left high and dry with debts of 100,000 euro. Ganley in true Arthur Daly fashion arrived, said his bags were stolen and handed over 19,950 euro.

Libertas' John McGuirk (aka Journo on claims no invoices were sent from Spain. John, like Declan Ganley, seems to have a bizarre relationship with facts and it is standard operating proceedure for him and Libertas to deny all claims and facts that upset his/their spin.

However the Spainish party can not say they were not warned they all received emails regarding Ganley and Libertas prior to running up debts which pointed out many facts about the party, its far right allies and members.

One such email from an anti-Libertas activist was replied to with legal threats from Spain.

Well next time you will know better.

For Mr Ganley let's hope there is no next time.
Libertas appears to have been little more than political ponsi scheme designed to gratify Ganley's ego and raise funds and to ruffle the feathers of the enemies of the Christotaliban far right that supported Ganley and his partyi.e. the EU and supporters of pluralist democracy.

Libertas rejects claim it owes group €100,000


PARTY FUNDS: A POLITICIAN that led Libertas’s European election campaign in Spain has said the group led by Declan Ganley had not paid an outstanding debt of more than €100,000. Libertas has rejected the claims.

Miguel Duran’s party, Libertas: Citizens of Spain, failed to win a single seat in last June’s elections. “I agreed to lead Spanish Libertas after Mr Ganley came with promises to finance us to the tune of €4 million,” he said.

“He assured me he had funding of more than €70 million for his European operation.

“We ran a cheap campaign because we had no money and had to borrow from friends. I began campaigning in April after Mr Ganley again promised to send money. But there was still no sign of it.

“When he came here his excuse was that his luggage had been stolen. He eventually paid me €19,950 in cash – I don’t know why it was such an odd number, perhaps someone forgot to put the last €50 note in the bundle,” he added.

“He kept on saying the money was on the way, but it never arrived.

“I have since learned that he made similar promises to other European groups and they never received any money either . . .”

A spokesman for Libertas, John McGuirk, yesterday rejected the contention made by Mr Duran that money was still outstanding. “No invoices have been received from Spain. Because there are no invoices, payments were not made.”

Mr McGuirk said the Spanish group had been repeatedly asked for invoices and said that invoices it had received had been paid.

Spanish Libertas, a loose coalition of three small centre-left regional parties, was not anti-Europe, said Mr Duran. He said he is pro-Europe, but he is against the way politicians are running Europe. “I believe in a united states of Europe, but not one ruled by lobby groups and unelected officials. This is what I signed up for. We wanted to change Europe from within, or at least I thought he did too.

“Now I think he wanted to frighten Europeans for his own ends and many of us fell for it.”

Mr Duran (54), a Barcelona-based lawyer blind from infancy, began as a braille operator and rose rapidly to become, at only 32, director general of Once, Spain’s powerful organisation for the blind and disabled. When private television channels were legalised in Spain he left Once to head Tele 5.

But in 1998 he was charged with insider trading and other financial irregularities. He was finally acquitted last year.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cost of protecting Irish debt drops and Irish Bond spread narrows in wake of Lisbon

The cost of protecting Irish government debt and the Irish bond spread fell today on the first day of trading after the overwhealming vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty.

The NO side said that Lisbon would not improve Ireland's financial position who do you believe now?

LONDON, Oct 5 (Reuters) - The Irish 10-year government bond yield spread over euro zone benchmark German Bunds tightened by 6 basis points on Monday, while the cost of protecting Irish debt against default dropped.

Meanwhile, the 10-year Greek government bond yield spread over Bunds also narrowed by 6 basis points.

These moves followed Irish voters endorsement of the European Union's Lisbon Treaty and a widely-expected change of government following Greek elections at the weekend.

Five-year credit default swaps (CDS) on Irish government debt contracted to 130.5 basis points from 138.5 bps on Friday, according to credit monitor from CMA DataVision.

It means the cost falls to 130,500 euros to protect 10 million euros-worth of Irish government bonds .

The 10-year Irish/Bund spread was last seen at 159 bps, retaining their position as the euro zone's highest-yielding sovereign debt, according to Reuters data.

The equivalent Greek spread
was last seen at 129 bps, the third highest-yielding after Slovak bonds.

The Irish and Greek yield spreads led other intra euro zone spreads to narrow.

Farmers for No run by Libertas Longford Chairman James Reynolds accredited UKIP's Nigel Farage to attend Dublin Castle press centre for Lisbon

Formed by James Reynolds a close comrade of Justin Barrett the discredited Nazi loving Youth Defence/COIR member, Farmers for No was yet another far right front organisation hastily put together for the Lisbon No campaign.
It comes as no surprise that Farmers for No accredited UKIP's Nigel Farage to attend the media centre at official Lisbon Treaty Press centre at Dublin Castle on Saturday
According to The Irish Times.
Irish farmers and British fascists? Please. This should put paid to any future James Reynolds hopes to have in Irish public life.

UK Independence Party’s Nigel Farage (accredited, bizarrely, by those fine patriots, “Farmers for No”), was enough to trigger a small media wave.

Right wing fundamentalists blamed for achieving a No vote in the two constituencies in Ireland that voted No to Lisbon

Far right fundamnatalist campaigner were responsible for achieving the incongruous No vote in two Irish constituencies in the remote Nort West of the country in Co. Donegal. However the area also has a strong Sinn Fein grassroots as it borders Co. Derry and is a county where many senior Sinn Fein and former IRA bigshots have houses, on the so called Costa Del Provo.
The far right campaign in the rest of the country was utterly rejected.
It is clear that in the months and years ahead a concerted effort will have to be made to identify the far right groups funding Irish activists and to expose their front organisations, such as Libertas, COIR, We The People, Taxi Drivers for Change, and more.

This blogger has noticed a proliferation of different front organisations and web sites that advocate anti immigrant and socially repressive measures aimed at gays and women and, what this blogger deems to be a racist term so called "non-nationals".

For the record the so called "non-nationals" come from somewhere and should be accorded the respect of being called by their nationality rather than a generic term that indictaes difference and helps engender sucpicion and distance.

Ireland has voted YES to being European so let us embrace that fact and the peoples of Europe and the world, just as we are accorded respect in Europe and elsewhere.
Right-wing groups linked to No vote in Donegal

DONEGAL: RIGHT-WING pro-life groups who were fearful of European intervention on social issues were a factor in Donegal North East, which returned the highest No vote in the country, it has been claimed.

Although there was a 13 per cent swing to the Yes camp, Donegal North East returned a No majority, with 51.5 per cent against and 48.5 per cent for.

Fianna Fáil Senator Cecilia Keaveney said: “The church factor was huge.”

She noted that, at a recent Joint Committee on European Affairs in the Oireachtas, Bishop Noel Treanor, Bishop of Down and Connor and formerly secretary general of the Commission of Bishops’ Conferences of the member countries of the EU, was invited to present the church’s position on the treaty.

Bishop Treanor had stated unequivocally that a Catholic could, in good conscience, vote Yes. There were no grounds to justify a No vote in the treaty on the basis of specifically religious or ethical concerns, she maintained.

However, some right-wing Christian groups openly called for a No vote, said Ms Keaveney, who canvassed outside Catholic churches in the Inishowen electoral area in Donegal North East.

She said she was surprised by the strength of feelings, and expressed disbelief at some of the literature handed out outside churches in recent weeks.

One pamphlet, she said, raised concerns about “pressure from the EU to encourage legislation on abortion, homosexual unions and in various other areas in which the Catholic social and moral teaching would be adversely affected”.

Sinn Féin Senator Pearse Doherty claimed on Highland Radio that both Tánaiste Mary Coughlan and Fianna Fáil MEP Pat the Cope Gallagher had a lot of questions to answer about their performances given that both Donegal constituencies voted No.

Ms Coughlan tried to take comfort in a slight reduction in the No vote (50.3 per cent compared with a national figure of 32.9 per cent) in her Donegal South West constituency. However, there was no hiding her disappointment at the result.

“Myself and Pat the Cope Gallagher have done all we could, and we always knew this was going to be a hard-fought battle. We have, however, made up a lot of ground on the last time nationally.”

Fianna Fáil TD Niall Blaney was disappointed with the result, although he noted the Yes vote had increased significantly. The onus was on politicians to “sell the European project a bit more”.

Fine Gael TD Joe McHugh said there was a “sense of dislocation” in Donegal. The county lacked the big-business, pro-treaty campaign that was obvious in counties like Kildare.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Libertas are no more as Ganley may run for Irish Dail. Cautious plans for new right wing party suggested by Libertas spokesperson

According to today's Irish Mail on Sunday, Declan Ganley intends to run for the Dail (Irish parliament) for the Galway East constituency. Quoting a Libertas spokesperson, the paper reported that Mr. Ganley may either run as an independent or form a new political party that would be right wing and fill the vacuum left by the dissolution of the Progressive Democrats, a right wing breakaway from Fianna Fail who formed coalitions with Fianna Fail over the past 20 years.

The Progressive Democrats may take the credit or blame for the low levels of taxation during the Celtic Tiger years. This was one of their coalition demands. They also helped formulate much right wing change in criminal codes while Michael McDowell was both attorney general and later minister for justice. Their taxation demands for entry to government may be seen as having contributed to the run away credit boom, house price explosion and the lack of substantial reserves in Irish government coffers at the start of the global downturn.

What is clear from today's report is that Libertas as a political party is no more. Following their absolute defeat across Europe in the June European Parliament elections and the crushing blow delivered to Declan Ganley, Libertas and their brothers in arms , COIR/Youth Defence in Fridays Lisbon vote.

If Ganley intends to fill the Progressive Democrats vacuum he should bear in mind that, that party also was wiped out in the last general election in Ireland. Hence their recent dissolution.

He will however, be able to draw on the far right Christian fundamentalists that have backed and supported him in the past two years. However as Ireland begins its economic recovery with jobless figures dropping in September such an out-moded approach is certain to fail in the same spectacular way that Libertas and the PDs have failed .

This blogger will monitor developments with interest.

Watching NO cadre on re Lisbon result they blame everyone except themsleves

When the Irish left and Sinn Fein ended up in bed with UKIP, BNP, fundamentalist Christians of COIR and Libertas they should look to themselves for the reason for their defeat.

The Irish nation embraces secularism in politics, the Irish left profess a belief in secularism. Allowing themselves to campaign on knee jerk instincts rather than facts and allowing themselves to be lumped in with the far right they have done themselves a great deal of damage.

They should have noted that the racist, xenophobic, anti gay attitudes that dominated the NO campaigns and posters of COIR and other groups were something they should have run away from. Unite the British based trade union should be boycotted by Irish workers. COIR and Libertas should be fully examined for the sources of their finances and their shadowy backers.

For the Irish left it is back to the drawing board.

Examples of thread titles
Nationalist terrorist attacks now?
- The Victory of European Fascism
- End the Charade - Abolish Referendums on Europe
- Newstalk Lisbon Poll 66 NO 34 yes - Victory for NO
- Bring on Lisbon 3
- Im sure we have Election fraud.
- Lisbon may create brand new generation of rebels
- No people have better social contacts than 'yes' side,contact them over coming days
- Lets Mount A Legal Challenge To The Illegal Lisbon Treaty.

A selection of quotes from No posters which reveals their contempt for the people of Ireland.

Originally Posted by Caothaoir View Post
a crowd of ignoramuses
Originally Posted by plantfirmly View Post
For the first time in my life I'm absolutely ashamed to be Irish. I never thought I'd resent my own nation so much.

To be so easily bullied, tricked and manhandled into such a massive change of mind is truly pathetic. A resigned yes was the decision of so many weak people who bought the lies, and most knew they were lies, on the faintest hopes that this whorish treaty would somehow sort out our economic crises.

Expect more of the same, Ireland. You deserve no better.
Originally Posted by DeathofDemocracy View Post
For a nation to have fallen so low. The Irish now deserve anything that comes their way, feeble
Originally Posted by jaae View Post
yeah to many of you irish people are so easily bought and belive anything they say on the news and on the newspaper.
Originally Posted by DizzyOC View Post
once again we have our "begging-bowl/cap-in-hand" head on our shoulders. i am embarrassed. i am prepared now to throw my hands in the air because no longer do i care. not one jot: the irish people have voted away their sovereignty for the hollow promise of jobs. despair.


Take it down from the mast, Irish traitors,
It's the flag we republicans claim,
It can never belong to free staters,
For you've brought on it nothing but shame.
Originally Posted by Bluebabe View Post
toadies who has sold our country from under us.
Originally Posted by katy brock View Post
The Irish are GOB********************ES.
Originally Posted by Gabha Óir View Post
a self-loathing bent-down-low people
Originally Posted by mothball View Post
Irish people have shamed themselves
Originally Posted by kerdasi amaq View Post
How many idiots live in Ireland? When the YES vote is tallied we'll know!
Originally Posted by Ambassador Mollari View Post
Lie down, roll over, and let your rulers tickle your bellies, you bunch of numpties.
Originally Posted by greengoose2 View Post
The saddos don't mind who governs them so long as the are given the impression that they are getting something for nothing. Like throwing scraps to the dogs. And getting the odd pat on the head for being good boys.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Irish results on Lisbon full breakdown from Irish Times

Final Result in Lisbon referendum Ireland voted in favour of the Treaty by a final margin of 67.1% to 32.9%.

Ireland voted in favour of the Treaty by a final margin of 67.1% to 32.9%. Only two of the 43 constituencies voted against the Treaty.

It was the highest Yes vote in a referendum on Europe since the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1998.

Yes 67.1 per cent (1,214,268 votes), against 32.9 per cent (594,606 No votes)

Have Libertas packed their bags?

The Libertas website has gone off line today following their total rejection by Irish voters.

Libertas Nein Danke/ People Korps would like to thank everyone who aided People Korps in my year long campaign to expose and destroy their threat to Irish democracy and their far right Christian fundamantalist agenda.

You know who you are!!!

Lisbon election results Current 65% Yes to 35% No as nine counts completed

Ganley congratulates Cowen for masterful Yes campaign RTE

Declan Ganley has said that Fianna Fail are "the natural party of government" in Ireland. Conceding defeat Ganley said that the Yes campaign was "masterful". RTE News

see also
He must now be fully investigated and his backers exposed.

A Nation Once Again:Declan Ganley and COIR must now GO AWAY: Ireland has rejected the Christian far right, the far right and racist groups.

Be Magnanimous in defeat and bloody minded in Victory
J.A. Murphy historian

The Irish people have rejected the Christotaliban forces of Libertas and COIR. The massive support for the Lisbon Treaty this time shows that the Irish people have rejected the religious far right who sought to claim a mandate for themselves on the back of this election. It shows that the Irish people have woken up to the lies of Declan Ganley and Libertas and their partners COIR.

Using scare tactics, lies and personalised attacks the Libertas /COIR campaign sharply divided the hard left vote. The choice was simple, Vote NO and support racism, hate and division or Vote Yes and reaffirm our commitment to peace, secularism and a European identity.

This morning Declan Ganley said he must now think about his future, it is clear that his future is not in politics. The Irish people saw his cynical self centred campaign for what it was. The empty rhetoric Libertas used last year blew up in their faces this time.
This blog has highlighted the fact that Libertas were supported by sinister far right Christian fundamentalists. It is clear that Ganley's project is dead, Libertas is dead and COIR are a heretical sect that should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church.
The Libertas campaign run by Alan Kennedy aka Cookiemonster on and John McGuirk was nasty and dishonest.

Future employers should remember the attempt by this pair to destroy Ireland.
Future donors should remember that Declan Ganley and Libertas are a failed formula and their reentry to Irish public life at any point in the future will be resisted and defeated.

The Taxi drivers for No, WE the People groups and other racist proto fascists in Ireland should remember, you have been identified and you will be crushed if you continue to promote fascist tendencies in Ireland.

Libertas and COIR must now be fully investigated and the sources of their funding must be fully exposed.

Total Victory for Lisbon

Some areas are showing 90% Yes

Lisbon landslide 2 to 1Ireland says YES

Ireland says YES to Lisbon No to Declan Ganley NO to far right Christofascism

Justin Barrett

Youth Defence COIR and Ganley's ChristoTaliban unelected elites defeated

Popular feeling exit polls Ireland says Yes

Lets have the count and see, Ireland says YES TO LISBON

Anti Lisbon Taxi drivers must be boycotted

The Taxi drivers for No are the brownshirts of the COIR Libertas campaign , they are racist and must be boycotted. Boycott all taxis bearing WE THE PEOPLE, NO TO Lisbon or similar stickers. They are racist scum and need to be taken out of the taxi business permanently

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lisbon 2 Exit Poll Yes lead raises to 60% with 40% NO

The left was split by a large fundamentalist Christian campaign by Libertas/COIR which spent far more money than all the other NO groups and perhaps even the Yes groups combined .
Ireland has rejected Christotalibanisation in favour of inclusive secular government.

The strategy which this blogger advised was to highlight the anti abortion group COIR early in the campaign which would split the left and leave only the knee jerk Stalinists like Sinn Fein and a misguided "anti-war" movement marginalised in their opposition to Lisbon. By focusing on the far right, ultra Catholic, unelected elites, the government parties and the elected pro Lisbon opposition were able to smash opposition to Lisbon into atomised particles.

No one in modern Ireland wants a COIR led society. COIR and Libertas whose backers are mysterious far right Christian outfits based in the USA, who are opposed to Obama and secular government have been dealt a death blow by this result.

Their backers will have to find other battle grounds for their crusade against non white races, women, gays, and a free society.

Early exit poll by Fine Gael say Lisbon passes by low margin 52 to 48

Cautious call of a Yes Vote to Lisbon Ireland

Early exit polls show working class and city centre districts that veered overwhelmingly to the NO side last time are now showing a Yes to Lisbon.
Polls close in 18 mins

Anti Lisbon Taxi drivers block Dublin transport and interfer with polling?

The taxi blockade of Dublin's main thoroughfare is an anti democratic attempt to slow down polling and disrupt people's ability to vote. They should be removed from the street now, and let them resume their protest tomorrow.

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