Sunday, October 4, 2009

Watching NO cadre on re Lisbon result they blame everyone except themsleves

When the Irish left and Sinn Fein ended up in bed with UKIP, BNP, fundamentalist Christians of COIR and Libertas they should look to themselves for the reason for their defeat.

The Irish nation embraces secularism in politics, the Irish left profess a belief in secularism. Allowing themselves to campaign on knee jerk instincts rather than facts and allowing themselves to be lumped in with the far right they have done themselves a great deal of damage.

They should have noted that the racist, xenophobic, anti gay attitudes that dominated the NO campaigns and posters of COIR and other groups were something they should have run away from. Unite the British based trade union should be boycotted by Irish workers. COIR and Libertas should be fully examined for the sources of their finances and their shadowy backers.

For the Irish left it is back to the drawing board.

Examples of thread titles
Nationalist terrorist attacks now?
- The Victory of European Fascism
- End the Charade - Abolish Referendums on Europe
- Newstalk Lisbon Poll 66 NO 34 yes - Victory for NO
- Bring on Lisbon 3
- Im sure we have Election fraud.
- Lisbon may create brand new generation of rebels
- No people have better social contacts than 'yes' side,contact them over coming days
- Lets Mount A Legal Challenge To The Illegal Lisbon Treaty.

A selection of quotes from No posters which reveals their contempt for the people of Ireland.

Originally Posted by Caothaoir View Post
a crowd of ignoramuses
Originally Posted by plantfirmly View Post
For the first time in my life I'm absolutely ashamed to be Irish. I never thought I'd resent my own nation so much.

To be so easily bullied, tricked and manhandled into such a massive change of mind is truly pathetic. A resigned yes was the decision of so many weak people who bought the lies, and most knew they were lies, on the faintest hopes that this whorish treaty would somehow sort out our economic crises.

Expect more of the same, Ireland. You deserve no better.
Originally Posted by DeathofDemocracy View Post
For a nation to have fallen so low. The Irish now deserve anything that comes their way, feeble
Originally Posted by jaae View Post
yeah to many of you irish people are so easily bought and belive anything they say on the news and on the newspaper.
Originally Posted by DizzyOC View Post
once again we have our "begging-bowl/cap-in-hand" head on our shoulders. i am embarrassed. i am prepared now to throw my hands in the air because no longer do i care. not one jot: the irish people have voted away their sovereignty for the hollow promise of jobs. despair.


Take it down from the mast, Irish traitors,
It's the flag we republicans claim,
It can never belong to free staters,
For you've brought on it nothing but shame.
Originally Posted by Bluebabe View Post
toadies who has sold our country from under us.
Originally Posted by katy brock View Post
The Irish are GOB********************ES.
Originally Posted by Gabha Óir View Post
a self-loathing bent-down-low people
Originally Posted by mothball View Post
Irish people have shamed themselves
Originally Posted by kerdasi amaq View Post
How many idiots live in Ireland? When the YES vote is tallied we'll know!
Originally Posted by Ambassador Mollari View Post
Lie down, roll over, and let your rulers tickle your bellies, you bunch of numpties.
Originally Posted by greengoose2 View Post
The saddos don't mind who governs them so long as the are given the impression that they are getting something for nothing. Like throwing scraps to the dogs. And getting the odd pat on the head for being good boys.


  1. All 27 EU member states have approved the Lisbon Treaty according to their constitutional requirements.

    Some respect for the decisions of democratic states would be befitting.

  2. The problem with many on the NO side, they profess a belief in democracy whereas in fact they are extreme far right. Libertas and COIR are two examples of such groups.

    The was a sense of joy amongst last yaer when their highly finaced campaign tipped the balance. This year the people have spoken 2:1 for Europe and Lisbon.

  3. Unfortunately, the measure of 'democracy' used by the No campaigns is simply opposition to Lisbon.


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