Friday, October 2, 2009

Lisbon 2 Exit Poll Yes lead raises to 60% with 40% NO

The left was split by a large fundamentalist Christian campaign by Libertas/COIR which spent far more money than all the other NO groups and perhaps even the Yes groups combined .
Ireland has rejected Christotalibanisation in favour of inclusive secular government.

The strategy which this blogger advised was to highlight the anti abortion group COIR early in the campaign which would split the left and leave only the knee jerk Stalinists like Sinn Fein and a misguided "anti-war" movement marginalised in their opposition to Lisbon. By focusing on the far right, ultra Catholic, unelected elites, the government parties and the elected pro Lisbon opposition were able to smash opposition to Lisbon into atomised particles.

No one in modern Ireland wants a COIR led society. COIR and Libertas whose backers are mysterious far right Christian outfits based in the USA, who are opposed to Obama and secular government have been dealt a death blow by this result.

Their backers will have to find other battle grounds for their crusade against non white races, women, gays, and a free society.

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