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Dictatorship of Frank Bynre calling Taxi strikes without a union or mandate

Frank Byrne dictates

It would appear that the claims of Frank Byrne who set up the Irish Taxi Council that he has 15000 members are a complete fabrication. Taxi drivers who want to make a living are being intimidated on Frank Byrne's self declared "strike days".

Despite the fact that Frank Byrne has no legal right to negotiate on anyone's behalf he is calling national strikes. According to one Waterford taxi driver Brendan Byrne

My first impressions of the G Hook interview with Frank Byrne was that he was a liar. He alleged that the protest on Thursday would be a peaceful protest, from my experience with protests in Waterford City he couldn't be further from the truth. Protesting drivers blocking ranks, verbally abusing drivers, intimidation of working drivers, " generally the type of behaviour taxi drivers are renowned for", a type of behaviour that i know we're all not associated with. Its a perception that's been created by our previous colleagues and some existing drivers

The same driver states

(1) Frank Byrne is mis informed, he believes that the Waterford Taxi Ass:: is represented of the Taxi Drivers in Waterford, he couldn't be further from the truth. There- fore the action he takes is misleading, his information is based on hear say.
(2) Secondly to keep you interested, under the Trade Unions Act 1941 certain criteria needs to be fulfilled before the Minster will engage in negotiations, ITC ( and i stand corrected) do not meet these standards, firstly they need a negotiations licence, which they don't have and, for every member they require, €200 to be lodged in the High Court. ITC claim to have 15000 members, that's a lot of money.
(3)If they are not legal why are they claiming to effect change, when they don't have the legal basis to make change or to negotiate with the Minster..
(4) Who is Wilbur Shaw and Noel McLaurance, (Waterford City) I've never elected theses individuals but they claim to have all the decision making power to call stoppages in Waterford. Which directly affects my ability to earn.
(5) Work in the area of knowledge, based on majority rule.
(6) Frank Byrne( i don't doubt your commitment but your getting it wrong) Waterford Taxi Ass; STOP this is real lives.Look my daily takings are shit but i need them
(7) Previous stoppages have achieved nothing.

Hypocrites Representatives, in Waterford City calling stoppages, when the very representatives( which i never elected) are double jobbing with Markets etc etc, when they have no kids little expense and property all over the place, its a conflict of interest.
(9) Get Real

There appears to be a level of intimidation and across the country Byrne's tiny cadre are intimidating decent taxi drivers who never joined the Irish Taxi Council, who were never balloted and who DO NOT SUPPORT Frank Byrne's approach.

While there is no denying there is a crisis in the taxi industry and drivers find it hard to make ends meet, Byrne is calling strikes with no popular mandate or support. It would appear that at most his followers number the hundreds not the thousands but some taxi drivers say that the claims of 15000 members are should read 15.

This blogger has stated before that Byrne represents a political interest with a far right anti immigrant agenda. His Irish Taxi Council are getting drunk on publicity and are falsely claiming to represent taxi men.
The latest flier from ITC calls for a meeting in the middle of the first strike day when drivers in theory are supposed to be picketing ranks
One taxi driver asserts that Byrne is stupid as he is calling a meeting in Swords to determine the length of the strike. However as one driver humorously stated on referring to the ITC's latest flier

how stupid is the author of that flier , how can there be drivers manning ranks with pickets on a 24hr stoppage but yet it request(s) them to attend a meeting during a planned stoppage

Taxi drivers are calling Byrne's campaign dictatorship
"Dictatorship.I dont see any other business on the agenda .As none of the agenda interests me I dont think I shall attend"

It is time to shine a light on Frank Byrne and his self appointed role as a national representative taxi drivers. he is using a bad situation for drivers to promote his anti immigrant agenda.

Something needs to be done about this as it appears that tempers are flaring and just the other day a taxi driver was run over by a fellow taxi driver

Anyone know how that taxi driver is who was knocked down by a colleague up in the overflow(Mondello)the other day?
Time for some action against this fake union
Below is their latest meeting.

The Irish Taxi Council
E mail:

Ph: 087 1471818

Protest Action Update

No contact has been received directly from the Minister or his department. Our demands remain the 11 recommendations of the Oireachtas Committee.

Escalation of protest begins on Monday 22/03/10 at 5 AM with full withdrawal of services.

A general meeting has been called for 2 pm on Monday 22/03/10 at the National Show Centre Cloghran Swords Co Dublin.

All full time drivers and rep bodies nationwide are welcome and all should attend if they wish to have a say in their future.


1. Length of stoppage.

2. Protest Action.

3. Legal challenge.

No Blacks just Irish Is the Irish Taxi Council a WHITE ONLY group?

No Blacks just Irish?....................Irish Taxi Council March 10 meeting in Swords
Irish Taxi Council formed July 2009 where are the African, Asian, Eastern European members?

The Irish Taxi Council formed by Frank Byrne who used to be a big shot in the anti immigrant Taxi Drivers for Change group. They formed in July 2009 after the failure of the Libertas pan European campaign. Though they had no official links to Libertas they were fellow travelers of the anti immigrant vision Libertas candidates like Caroline Simons and Raymond O Malley.

A recent meeting attended by hundreds on 10 March in Swords, Co Dublin was attended by several hundred and not one of them was black see top image on this post for more see

Monday, March 15, 2010

Political World Dot Org

Join the new independent Irish political forum where some of the most engaging web voices on Irish politics are currently posting.

Just a few weeks old Political World is ready for you now.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Irish National Party exposed by Sunday World

David Barrett self styled leader of the far right in Ireland

Brian Whelan of the Sunday World has an expose of the Nazi leaning leader of the Irish National Party who is named as being David Barrett (29), from Crumlin. Whelan reports that "It is believed that the INP was to serve as a respectable front for the more hardline violent skinheads to spread their message of hate."
The party has been mooted for months and last year they debated changing the name so as not to sound like the British National Party. So far they have decided to keep their moniker.
this blogger has cautioned about the efforts of various hard and far right groups in Ireland and elsewhere. In the aftermath of Libertas's destruction many are attempting to present public faces.
David Barrett (29), from Crumlin, has been parading his new BNP style party in the media and hopes to officially launch the group later this year.

Barrett claims he already has 200 potential members who will take to the streets to oppose “mass immigration”.

Describing himself as a “totalitarian”, skinheaded Barrett sees himself as a potential leader for Ireland’s growing population of frustrated young unemployed men.

However, Sunday World can reveal that the real motives behind Barrett and his party are to create a racially pure group styled on Hitler’s Nazi party.

In private internet postings seen by this paper Barrett revealed his obsession with Adolf Hitler as well as his hatred of Jewish people.

In one sick rant he declared “the dirty Jew that lives next door to the parents was in her garden today with a hose washing the patio, there’s a f*cking water shortage! And people wonder what Herr Hitler had an issue with.”

Read the rest of the article on Brian

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jihad Jane not what she seems

It appears that a mentally unstable women is at the centre of the Jihad Jane scare.
With 7 arrests in Ireland it might be of interest to read a 2007 request on line seeking advice on how to get her Egyptian online boyfriend into the USA.
Fatima La Rose ie Jihad Jane's question from 2007 on is still on line, in the reply she was told that she probably would not get her boyfriend in the USA
Fatima La Rose 12/9/2007
I have a boyfriend that lives in Egypt, he & i have been corrosponding(online)&(telephone) for over a year, I want him to come meet my family & spend christmas with us, but I dont know how to get a visa for him to come here to I need to send him an invitation? & if so, what am i suppose to say in that invitation? He & I would very much ike to spend time with each other as soon as possible. Please, Please can ou help me in any way to expidite his visit here....By the way, I live in Pennsylvannia.
Thank you in advance
Fatima La Rose

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