Friday, March 12, 2010

Irish National Party exposed by Sunday World

David Barrett self styled leader of the far right in Ireland

Brian Whelan of the Sunday World has an expose of the Nazi leaning leader of the Irish National Party who is named as being David Barrett (29), from Crumlin. Whelan reports that "It is believed that the INP was to serve as a respectable front for the more hardline violent skinheads to spread their message of hate."
The party has been mooted for months and last year they debated changing the name so as not to sound like the British National Party. So far they have decided to keep their moniker.
this blogger has cautioned about the efforts of various hard and far right groups in Ireland and elsewhere. In the aftermath of Libertas's destruction many are attempting to present public faces.
David Barrett (29), from Crumlin, has been parading his new BNP style party in the media and hopes to officially launch the group later this year.

Barrett claims he already has 200 potential members who will take to the streets to oppose “mass immigration”.

Describing himself as a “totalitarian”, skinheaded Barrett sees himself as a potential leader for Ireland’s growing population of frustrated young unemployed men.

However, Sunday World can reveal that the real motives behind Barrett and his party are to create a racially pure group styled on Hitler’s Nazi party.

In private internet postings seen by this paper Barrett revealed his obsession with Adolf Hitler as well as his hatred of Jewish people.

In one sick rant he declared “the dirty Jew that lives next door to the parents was in her garden today with a hose washing the patio, there’s a f*cking water shortage! And people wonder what Herr Hitler had an issue with.”

Read the rest of the article on Brian

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