Friday, March 19, 2010

No Blacks just Irish Is the Irish Taxi Council a WHITE ONLY group?

No Blacks just Irish?....................Irish Taxi Council March 10 meeting in Swords
Irish Taxi Council formed July 2009 where are the African, Asian, Eastern European members?

The Irish Taxi Council formed by Frank Byrne who used to be a big shot in the anti immigrant Taxi Drivers for Change group. They formed in July 2009 after the failure of the Libertas pan European campaign. Though they had no official links to Libertas they were fellow travelers of the anti immigrant vision Libertas candidates like Caroline Simons and Raymond O Malley.

A recent meeting attended by hundreds on 10 March in Swords, Co Dublin was attended by several hundred and not one of them was black see top image on this post for more see



    Go to this link I added it to a Taxi blog.

  2. Maybe black taxi drivers didn't want to show up or just didn't bother. I don't really understand why you bring this up? Also 'Black' does not equal non-Irish.


  3. Phil Lynott and a lot more!!!!!!!!!

    Who do you thing you are preaching to?
    of course black drivers would not want to go, the organization is racist and anti immigrant like the other organization that Frank Byrne founded Taxi Drivers for Change and I bring this up because of the racist nature of the Irish taxi Council and the carry on of its small cadre eg on the O Connell Street rank, and others ones. Who are the INUP?

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  5. You really are an anti-Irish shite talker. Nobody had a problem when in the 80's there were only a few half-cast ppl here. And they would not mind that now.

    What they do mind is the new invasion and plantation of this country which they and their children have to endure and compete with, and which dreamland hypocrits like yourself support. Preaching how others should live and with whom, while you yourselves piss off and live poorer people to deal with the mess of immigration. We will hold you responsible in years to come for the violence and misery exacted upon the Irish from this multicultural crime and resource competition horror, that has happened everywhere else in Europe and is unfolding now in Ireland. You are a traitor to this land and it's people, a destroyer of cultures and of humanity.


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