Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jihad Jane not what she seems

It appears that a mentally unstable women is at the centre of the Jihad Jane scare.
With 7 arrests in Ireland it might be of interest to read a 2007 request on line seeking advice on how to get her Egyptian online boyfriend into the USA.
Fatima La Rose ie Jihad Jane's question from 2007 on is still on line, in the reply she was told that she probably would not get her boyfriend in the USA
Fatima La Rose 12/9/2007
I have a boyfriend that lives in Egypt, he & i have been corrosponding(online)&(telephone) for over a year, I want him to come meet my family & spend christmas with us, but I dont know how to get a visa for him to come here to I need to send him an invitation? & if so, what am i suppose to say in that invitation? He & I would very much ike to spend time with each other as soon as possible. Please, Please can ou help me in any way to expidite his visit here....By the way, I live in Pennsylvannia.
Thank you in advance
Fatima La Rose


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