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Coir are not Catholics and should be excommunicated

I found this tonight on and it is clear that as I have often said that COIR are not adherents of the Catholic faith but are a heretical sect and should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. It is time real Catholics made a stand and petitioned for their excommunication.

they are homophobic , hate their fellow man and think most Catholics are evil.

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Originally Posted by donalmc View Post
Coir were perfectly entitled to say what they wanted, even if most of it was drivel (my opinion - which I am also entitled to). I am strongly of the opinion that Coir generated way more Yes votes than No votes (again, my opinion...).
I think folk should be accountable for the aforementioned 'drivel' that they're respectively spewing. Coir, my friends, spewed a lot of incoherent, hateful drivel that I feel is conducive to their cultish zealotry. Allow me to be specific:

First meeting with a Coir representative: I was told about several apparitions the representative had and how Eastern meditations are evil but Catholic meditation is benign.

Second meeting with a Coir representative: I was told that homesexuals are natural pedophiles and that as parents they will physically and mentally abuse the child surrogated or adopted. (I was even given a book on the topic)

Third meeting with Coir representative (over phone): I was told that Catholicism/Christianity was the ONLY way to being a truly good person and that all other major world religions simply had it wrong despite similarities.

To any reasonable or educated individual something should seem intrinsically wrong with all of this. It is backwards and subsequently harmful disinformation. Even after starting this thread and voicing my grievances with Coir's zealotry I have been told by Coir supporters:

  • ... that Coir condones women dieing on recreational drugs.
  • ... that I must have an incomplete soul that's possessed by Satan because I disagree with Coir.
  • ... I must clearly be a member of the KKK because I'm speaking out against Coirs bigotry.

I'm calling you out Coir, as the uneducated, self-righteous, religious and hateful loons that you are. If you're entitled to your freedom of speech then why should I not be entitled to mine? I know I'm not alone on this. You're not respected by anyone who can think for themselves and see past your redundant and counterproductive indoctrinations.

I only find solace in the fact that their false religion, principles and societal influence will die out in but two to three generations. My generation is too educated to not see the woods for the trees. Bigotry is bigotry, simple as. That's why Coir have failed to reach the populace as a whole and will subsequently disappear like an unpleasant memory. It's people and ideologies have no legacy.

You point the finger at those who didn't canvas without realizing that non-academic Bible humping dinosaurs like you warded off my demographic in the first place.

Context: I canvassed and distributed for Coir until I researched their background and regressive perspectives.


  1. Much thanks for featuring my article. Your blog is one of the few voices of reason I've come across speaking out against the hate that Coir so freely disguise as 'religion'.

    Coir should not be allowed to mislead society in the manner that they do. Please get in touch and let me know if can be of assistance. I can provide web graphics via photoshop or css styling for your layout.

  2. Dear Altruist and Peoplekorps,
    I dont believe for one moment that any member of Cóir told you this rubbish. Please give us the name of the person who said these things and let us establish if this person is indeed a member of Cóir. It looks like you were speaking to a over enthusiastic member of the catholic church and don't we all know that the Church was in favour of Lisbon!!! You may have been speaking to someone who claimed they were a member of Cóir but really I think you just made it all up.

    For the record, peoplekorps, Justin Barret has not been a member of Youth Defence since 1998 and has never been a member of Cóir. The last time Cóir members were in a campaign with Justin Barret was No to Nice in October 2002, 7 years ago. Cóir was founded in September 2003, a whole year after No to Nice. Get your facts right as otherwise you lose all credibility.

  3. You seem to have a chip about the Catholic Church, recent mnewspaper reports sated that it is widely believed that Justin (Seig Heil) Barrett was still attached in a non public role with Youth Defence. It is also an established fact that aside form sharing offices COIR and the Youth Defence share personel too.

    you may email if you wish to add further or comment here.

  4. You certainly can't talk about people having chips on shoulders!! I can guarantee you that Justin Barrett is not with YD. If you don't want insider info, don't ask for it.
    Cóir and YD don't share personnel. YD's membership is under 28 years generally. Cóir's is older than that. Cóir rent space from YD as Cóir does not run full time, it is entirely volunteer based so they don't have staff or personnel.

  5. Just for the record, what newspaper reports were they, I haven't seen them. Can you give me times and dates?

  6. Why not go on the record with boy wonder ?
    He is your Sieg Heiling by No.?

  7. The Sunday Tribune made the comment .... ref
    Coir's spokesperon's Brian Hickey may also find
    interesting reading is also available on the day dating web-site

  8. Please give me the comment in the Sunday Tribune as it was reported and a link. J Barrett is not with YD or Cóir and he would confirm that with you himself.

    This blog doesn't seem to exist so give me the actual reference from the Tribune where it was allegedly reported.

  9. justin barret ? tell us more, you deny him like Peter denied the Christ?

  10. You're a total athetist and leftist, who are you to say who is and isn't a Catholic and who should be expelled?


  11. PK you are a bigger fool for being drawn into pedantic arguments about whether Barrett is with YD or COIR, who cares?, he's still a C**T. However, Anon’s last comment is hilarious and was entirely worth the effort. Anon, whoever you are, don’t ever change…

  12. Ah it is nice that they get involved the little Chistotaliban heretics

  13. Indeed, as the old saying goes 'tis no revel lest there be a fight' and there be never any shortage of contenders round here.

  14. I remember that thread on as above and plenty of other posters queried and challenged the authenticity of it, that poster was full of shxte, why don't you show the whole thread instead of picking out one section, the whole thread actually discredits the original poster. Even just provide a link.....well how about it


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