Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Nation Once Again:Declan Ganley and COIR must now GO AWAY: Ireland has rejected the Christian far right, the far right and racist groups.

Be Magnanimous in defeat and bloody minded in Victory
J.A. Murphy historian

The Irish people have rejected the Christotaliban forces of Libertas and COIR. The massive support for the Lisbon Treaty this time shows that the Irish people have rejected the religious far right who sought to claim a mandate for themselves on the back of this election. It shows that the Irish people have woken up to the lies of Declan Ganley and Libertas and their partners COIR.

Using scare tactics, lies and personalised attacks the Libertas /COIR campaign sharply divided the hard left vote. The choice was simple, Vote NO and support racism, hate and division or Vote Yes and reaffirm our commitment to peace, secularism and a European identity.

This morning Declan Ganley said he must now think about his future, it is clear that his future is not in politics. The Irish people saw his cynical self centred campaign for what it was. The empty rhetoric Libertas used last year blew up in their faces this time.
This blog has highlighted the fact that Libertas were supported by sinister far right Christian fundamentalists. It is clear that Ganley's project is dead, Libertas is dead and COIR are a heretical sect that should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church.
The Libertas campaign run by Alan Kennedy aka Cookiemonster on and John McGuirk was nasty and dishonest.

Future employers should remember the attempt by this pair to destroy Ireland.
Future donors should remember that Declan Ganley and Libertas are a failed formula and their reentry to Irish public life at any point in the future will be resisted and defeated.

The Taxi drivers for No, WE the People groups and other racist proto fascists in Ireland should remember, you have been identified and you will be crushed if you continue to promote fascist tendencies in Ireland.

Libertas and COIR must now be fully investigated and the sources of their funding must be fully exposed.

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