Sunday, April 8, 2012

Boycott Fine Gael and Labour and their supporters who deny cancer treatment and pain relief to the sick

While Fine Gael and Labour are happy to hand the disgraced billionaire Denis O'Brien taxpayer's companies like Siteserv at knockdown prices  they would deny a poor man his pain treatment at St Vincent's hospital because "he is from Donegal" not "Dublin".

If they can treat one man with cancer thus then before too long it will be you, your child or parent that this despicable shower will deny medical treatment to.

It behooves the Irish people to deny items such as fuel. food and companionship to TDs, senators, party members and cadre of Fine Gael and Labour  and revile them publicly at Mass, in the streets, in the supermarkets and shops, at marts, garages and in all public places.
. Shun the supporters of this Fine Gael and Labour.

They are immoral pain givers let them feel pain.

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