Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tom Gilmartin New ireland

It is clear from the treatment of Tom Gilmartin that Ireland was closed for business save for a few gougers in the 1980s and 1990s.I found the same to be true in my own affairs in those years in Ireland. I would hope that given the Mahon report Gilmartin has a tranche civil cases in the pipe line that should impoverish those who sought to impoverish him. Though it was Fianna Fail gangsters like Liam Lawlor and Bertie Ahrern who impeded Gilmartin, let us not be under any illusions regarding Labour or Fine Gael and their equal corruption. There is a solution for the problems facing Ireland and that is a drastic one. The old methods must be swept away, Sinn Fein must be swept away SWP must be swept away Declan Ganley needs to be exiled, FF, FG and Labour are redundant. It is time for a complete revision of the political landscape. There needs to be a national forum established for dialogue and reform from the grassroots on the basis of respect, mutual benefit for all citizens and a reform of all corrupt agencies of the state starting with An Garda Siochana. The main stream political parties are pariahs the opposition SF and SWP types are touts we need to redraw the lines. Let us be brave and take the hard decisions and sweep away the corrupt political classes completely and start afresh with the people and mutual respect and care as our goal.

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