Thursday, April 5, 2012

Libertas the Return part III

Libertas are back...again...or is that again and  again and again. I  heard Declan Ganley on RTE radio 1 Drivetime today, he was using the word we a lot, when asked who "we" were  he agreed that "we" meant Libertas.
For the third time Ganley sees an election as too much pr and potential fund fundraising  to pass up and he is dusting off the bat cape. Whereas his real companies declare losses his faux political ones make profit. Lots of donated cash slushing around. It is no doubt one of the reason Deco cant make up his mind on which way Libertas will vote.....principle dollar, principle dollar principle ...dollar Opps the daisy has landed on dollar again (I know in movie metaphors I am referring to Frankenstein not Nosferatu) but still.
Jesus wept.

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