Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Met police brutality and racism exposed twice by same young man Mauro Demetrio

After being attacked and strangled by Met police officers Mauro Demetrio who had the foresight to record taunting and racist abuse on his phone viewed the viscous assaulting of a 15 year old child by Met police while in the custody suite at Forest Gate police station. These assaults occurred on 11 August 2011, one day after the London riots ended and indicate that a culture of violence and torture was rife in London police stations at the time. Having made his complaint Mauro Demetrio has been vindicated by his own phone recordings and cctv at Forest Gate police station of the assault on a child he reported.

It is also evident that a lawyer at the Crown Prosecution Services was complicit in aiding police brutality by recommending no action against police in either case prior to recent publicity by The Guardian newspaper The cases are now being reviewed by "a more senior legal " figure. Given the draconian sentencing which was politically ordered following the London riots it is clear from these incidents that the UK police and Crown Prosecution Services are merely corrupt apparatuses of a racist and brutal state policy. One law for the rich no justice for minorities or the poor. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/apr/02/police-race-row-assault-claim

If Met police officers are not jailed for these actions then it would be fair to deny  any cooperation  with all Met officers, court officers and any legal officer or official of the  UK until it can show it is in good standing with UN, EU and international laws pertaining to police brutality, and civil rights. Until then we may regard the UK as a rouge state, a racist state and one that should be internationally boycotted.

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