Friday, April 13, 2012

Murder apologist decries McCarthyism in Irish media

Alan Shatter a supporter of genocide in the middle east decries what he terms "McCarthyism" in the Irish media over his alledged cronyism with the disgraced TD Michael Lowry who recieved nearly 1 million euro from business man and political money giver Denis O'Brien.

Shatter who has been defended by this blogger in the past from anti Semites might take note ...this blogger does not take kindly to false metaphors.

Resign now Shatter and go promote your friend's genocidal behavior elsewhere than the pages of the Irish Times and the Irish Dail. Corruptions stench is licking at your feet.

If you met with the disgraced (well you obviously did as he is your pal)  Lowry admit it and stop being a petulant pup.

Resign now you and the other Fine Gael members who support Lowry and yet condemn Bertie Ahren and Charles Haughey must realise that the Irish Poeple see all corrupt politicians  in the same light.... the scum of the earth...Go figure.
Resign and go retire. You would be welcomed by your paymasters in Galilee

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