Monday, April 2, 2012

The stink of corruption Enda Kenny, Fine Gael and Denis O Brien

It appears that a firm which owes the Irish people 150 million, Siteserv, has had a debt write down and that it is to be bought by Fine Gael buddy the disgraced Denis O'Brien. O'Brien had adverse findings against him in a recent corruption inquiry, The Moriarty inquiry, yet is still a Fine Gael photo op buddy.

 Today Enda Kenny's consigliere, Michael Noonan, said that ministers could not chose who they were meeting. This is the standard Fine Gael line on O'Brien right now. However, Enda Kenny has not ruled out his inclusion in further official Irish Economic Forum meetings. if Noonan were to meet Charles Manson at a photo op he could not chose to not attend?? The kicker on this is that as well as screwing the Irish people, O'Brien is paying 45 million for a company that French firm Altrad were willing to offer 60 million for but were told it "was not for sale"!!!!! On top of that "Shareholders, including chief executive Brian Harvey, Chris Neate and John Neal, will make €5 million from the deal" with O'Brien.

 Meanwhile the Irish taxpayer will receive just 40 million which is 110 million less than Siteserv owe the now nationalised Anglo Irish Bank andf therefore the Irish people. It is little wonder that Enda Kenny does not seek to renegotiate with the ECB or the IMF as it seems that his government have already worked out that there is more cream and cash to be made by them and their buddies from the status quo of disaster capitalism. A heads up to both O'Brien and Fine Gael.....the people have had enough of this.

 It would appear that Enda Kenny and his cabal have decided to see just how far they can push the Irish people while they and their buddies get write downs on nationalised debt. It is obviously time for Labour to withdraw from this coalition, however it is unlikely until ministers reach the magic two year marker when they will be assured ministerial pensions for life. Fine Geal is therefore further strangling the life blood and the prospects of ordinary Irish citizens who suffer daily from new taxes, cut backs and austerity to enrich their friends at a direct financial cost to the people of Ireland.


  1. I've been disgusted with this Siteserv deal for some time now - here's my latest post:

    Maybe now somebody in the media (maybe even an actual people's representative?!) will finally ask why Siteserv shareholders are being handed EUR 5.0 mio from the sale of this insolvent firm?! Money that rightfully belongs to the Irish taxpayer!

    Or could have been applied to the household charge...government could have claimed another 50,000 households paid on time..! ;-)


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