Monday, April 2, 2012

Irish bank conspired with corrupt payments

A blog by an expert on the corruption exposed by the Mahon tribunal who goes by the online name Toxic Avenger notes that Irish bank AIB was fully aware of the corrupt paymnets being gathered by Frank Dunlop and facilitated these transactions. Owen O’Callaghan paid corrupt payments of £10,000 each to Liam Lawlor and to Colm McGrath. He notes
Those payments were subsequently written up in his company accounts as ‘expenses’, with a handwritten not beside them saying he’d explain this on Friday’ when he met AIB. AIB claims he didn’t tell them the true purpose of the payments. The Tribunal utterly rejected AIB’s claim that they didn’t know what the payments were for.
It must be noted that Declan Ganley employed Liam Lawlor.]

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