Monday, August 6, 2012

The Quinns? Irish Oligarchs? mafiosi? Business people? Scum

For my two cents the Quinns stink like Colm O Rourkes dingle berries. Daddy Quinn should be in jail with his son and Peter the former GAA boss should have his car stopped and searched every 100 meteres in case his on the run son is in the boot.
The Quinns are Irish oligarchs of the Russian variety  not folk heroes. Their profits came from the current misery of the Irish nation.
Fuck the Quinns.
However the Irish state seems afraid of them!
Colm you were a shit geography teacher and your pimple neck made me wretch as a teenager when you taught too have dipped your toe into the  failure of speculation and now are a  supporter of  the Capo di Tuti Capo? sickening really.
Enda Kenny you are a worm with no balls you are letting these motherfuckers mess with Irish sovereignty and the Irish nation. Jail any Quinn you can.

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