Saturday, December 19, 2009

Banned from

Lots of people have been getting banned in a counterrevolution by the former Libertas cadre and their former founder David Cochrane.

Cochrane spent lat night banning anti Libertas posters across the political spectrum from the site he owns.

The bannings followed the online resignation from posting by Libertas employee Alan Kennedy aka Cookimonster on More on this when I have the time to wrote up the sordid affairs that take place in re the sites admin and privacy.It seems David could not part with his Libertas buddy and decided to ban all anti Libertas posters from the site.

In the meantime as Machinenation is off line CactusFlower (also banned last night in the lastest attack on debate on , a supposed political debating site) has set up a new forum

you can register


  1. Hey, I've gotten banned over the weekend for no apparent reason also. My username was Altruist.

    I frequently spoke out against Coir, Lisbon and Climategate. Here's a link to one of my more recent thread starts:

    It highlights the contravening of freedom of expression in Vancouver due to the International Olympic Committee.

  2. Hey,

    Altruist again. Can you please cover these two articles about

  3. Just adding Altrusistdirect link to that,
    Cochrane and his gang Libertas pals want for themselves to discuss things on and promote their hard right agenda


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