Monday, November 28, 2011 DDOS atacks by Occupy

It appears that someone is not happy with the Irish political bulliten board Since 18 November they have been victims of a DDOS Attack that has repeatedly crashed the site.

For many internet users and especially users of Irish political boards the idea that "are victims" will raise a wry smile. In the past the site has used a corrupt political cadre as suposedly impartial moderators and its part owner (he sold a chunk a few years back) David Cochrane, was an employee of Declan Ganley and a founder of the far right Libertas party (now defunct).

According to Wikipedia
Although the means to carry out, motives for, and targets of a DoS attack may vary, it generally consists of the concerted efforts of a person, or multiple people to prevent an Internet site or servicefrom functioning efficiently or at all, temporarily or indefinitely
Though these DDOS attacks deny and its users the ability to post their views, this blogger can attest is well up to its own dirty tricks and has allowed a far right cadre to run their own fiefdoms on their board. It is a haven for far right and racist posters amongst Irish boards.

Though have changed their servers the DDOS may continue as no motive has been established for the attacks. It may well be an ordinary poster disgusted with their partisan modding and one-sided political agenda as informed by their cadre of ultra right wing moderators and their favoring of posters formarily aligned to the Libertas Party.

Or perhaps someone has decided to #Occupy as their leading cadre support the 1%.


  1. Hey it's Peoplekorps! We conversed on boards a couple of years ago during Lisbon 2, you won't remember me. No offence but you take a very narrow view of, it is not by any stretch of the imagination as bad as you make it out to be. Yeah there are some/many rightwingers but there are also lefties like me there. Anyway, look where Lisbon 2 got us eh? Glad I voted no even though we lost, a clearer conscience. I think you were advocating a yes vote were you not?

  2. Yes I do based on my detailed knowledge of how they operate and run things.
    Re Lisbon....bring on the fiscal union may attempt to blame the EU for Ireland's woes but it was clear to me that the bubble was merely that a bubble and the so called tiger was a ponsi scheme. Likewise the "building boom" was again a ponsi scheme, if I was aware that the buildings were often sub standard and many will be demolished in the next decade people kept the game going from their own greed etc

  3. great blog post, some stuff I wasn't aware of there.

    Agree with all you said about the right wing bias and libertas connections.

    keep it up.

  4. By G-d! are you suggesting Ireland would have been better off outside of the European Union?? People like you that voted No to Lisbon and want to pat yourselves in the back to such enlightened position should ask that simple question.

    Now its the Troubles #2 or is it #3 for you guys??

    Everyone (EU as well as the US) is in trouble and although you might want to think that the petty thieves you’ve got out there actually caused this crisis think again. Yeah they may have helped widen the payout bill. But the problem is actually a lot more complicated than just Ireland.

    And to help you with some numbers consider this:

    Bailing out AIG here in the US in 2008: ~187 Billion (I recall, check it on google)

    Bailing out Ireland in 2010/11: ˜ 100 Billion

    The difference is that AIG is not a country. It is an insurance company.

    Here read this ( ) and this (

    The brits actually have refrained themselves from cheering (too loud) their non-EU status cos they know that although they can finagle with the pound and inflation they are still F*cked if the euro goes down.

    So to you and to all other EU countries that are in trouble the word of the day is

    After all “When you owe your bank manager a thousand pounds you are at his mercy. When you owe him a million pounds, he is at your mercy”

    Hope this helps, Shalom from New York City!

  5. Oh, in the Krugman piece what I want you to read is this “…as funds from Germany flowed into Southern Europe.”

    And I almost forgot to link the most important piece here (

    Take home message in this one:
    Then came the crunch, headlined "What does Poland ask of Germany?".
    First came six points Mr Sikorski wanted Germany to acknowledge.

    1) it is the biggest beneficiary of the current arrangements …
    2) it is not the "innocent victim of others' profligacy...You, who should have known better, have also broken the Growth and Stability Pact...your banks...recklessly bought risky bonds"
    3) the crisis has lowered Germany's borrowing costs
    4) if its neighbours' economies implode, it will suffer
    5) the danger of collapse is greater than the danger of inflation

    They (the Germans) can actually fix this...
    Shalom from New York City!

  6. I find a very informative and well run political forum were ordinary irish people can take part in an inclusive discussion forum.

    on the other hand I myself and many others have been banned from for making valid arguments against the EU or government policy. is a little boys club were everyone tows the same line , soon it will be only the Mods debating with themselves !!

  7. How strange.

    I posted on without difficulty until, one fine evening when, try as I might, my post just would not go onto the thread. Emailed, am I no longer able to post? No reply so took that as a yes then.

    Have posted on but I do find that, on many occasions, posting on some threads is entering a private conversation.

    That said, this attack is unwarranted.


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