Sunday, January 31, 2010

Was Declan Ganley a Yogic Flyer in a previous incarnation?


  1. Thanks for the blog peoplekorps. Sorry for venting this here, but I was a descent poster on with some of my own opinions, and with the new administration position of that prick cyberianpan I seem to have been banned.

    So not only is the website seemingly cut off to new members, a semi-authoritarian poster is now a part of admin. is dead at this stage to be honest.

    Anybody wondering about strange going-ons such as unreasonable bannings, have a look at the new admin panel.

  2. Please vent.
    Cyberianpan invited redpath to a shindig in an "exclusive dublin hotel" should he have been accepted into the cabal. Within two weeks the cabal was infiltarted and exposed. Cyp declared that tehere was a bedroom to use. Cookie bobert mmrebel and the other filth seem to enjoy these things in their dickie bows

    redpath told cyp that the gathering sounded like it would just be hairy fellas crawling all over each other
    membership involved writing a 1500 word essay on what redpath could bring to p.iethe Cabal
    redpath wrote a hiaku about Ganley but cyp does not like poetry.
    These people are important only in their own minds. it is Cochrane who wants his site like that the buck stops with him

    you are better off being away from the place try and/or Machine nation. has had its day and its right wing Libertas agenda is laid bare for all to see now.


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