Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Save ? as active users fall even further this week

The active members on the site fell from 2220 to only 1,556 in just one week as Cochrane banned hundreds of site user in his night of the long knives 24 Dec 2009.
Since I last posted on this there has been a further falling away and regualer users now number a mere
1,477 active members. the number of active users online in recent weeks has often fallen the low teens. Daytime peaks as goood if the go wbove 65.

Whereas David Cochrane blames People Korps for these problems, in fact he should look closer at his own friends who use the site as a personal fiefdom and playground for their ideological bullying.

Personally I think this a sad state of affairs. I have often communicated with David Cochrane and have removed many older posts on this site as I felt needed to be given a chance when David Cochrane sought to distance himself from Declan Ganley.

It is clear reading though the open threads that the site has beecome a place of turgid backslapping with zero debate since the neraly 700 active users have either been banned or decided to not bother with the site under its new totalitarian approach to free speech.

The threads closed to unregistered members make even sadder reading.
If Cochrane had banned Cookiemonster, Bobert, Dot, MMRebel, Corelli, Cyperian, Liamreilly (the one who said that a member of the Irish police had helped identify People Korps to Libertas cadre on then he would still have his active still with rising numbers and stimulating debate.

At this rate of demise and with new regristrations on the site banned also thsi trend is set to continue.

A part of the campaign of recent weeks has been new attempts to smear Poeple Korps and emails are circulated seeking people Korps identity (from David Cochrane).

Libertas Nien Danke is an investigative site that explores new and old media to keep track of hard right cadre and moniter their campiagns.

People Korps will continue to do this in the interests of free speech, the common good and to combat the rise of the new right wing.

Losing 800 active poster in under two weeks is leading to the death of Can it be saved?
Use comments below to suggest anwsers.

PS A shout to Toxic Avenger, I enjoyed your witty "peepholecorpse" quip. At least someone there still has a sense of humour.

Also well done to Seven Stars for his robust defence of Cactusflower on the Why was Cactus Flower banned thread, well done but you were in the den of snakes on that thread , all the members of the former Cabal came to sneer at you.

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