Sunday, January 3, 2010 active users fall by 1/3 since David Cochrane's politically inspired culling of active members

Though boasts 21,798 members most of these are inactive on the site . Since David Cochrane started banning posters en masse just before Christmas 09 , because they are not right wing Libertas followers, the active members on the site has fallen from over 2220 to only 1,556. In one night alone, Cochrane banned 300 site members , since then a further fall off in active posters has occured.

It is a year since this blogger was banned from amid false claims from Cochrane and his coterie of Liberti. At that time I rasied concerns that a site as influential as had been, was in fact merely a free polling/ information gathering outpost for the Libertas party.

During 2009 Cochrane left Libertas and belatedly supported a YES vote on Lisbon 2. However he has seems to have fully reconciled with many of his former Libertas collegues in time for their attempt to launch a new right wing party in 2010.

Act one seems to be the eradication of all posters who are vocal in their oppostion to the ultra Christian far right. This is all very reminicent of the Reichstag fire.

According to Cochrane his has culled his site due to security concerns.........................

Obviously the far right have been feeling insecure when confronted by articulate well informed lie busters on

2010 will see the complete diminution of

It is important that the facts regarding and its leader David Cochrane be presentedly far and wide, lest anyone think that there is even the remotest political independence / freedom of speech on the site.

Lastly a warning to members of political party's groups on,

It has come to my attention that certain posters on in eg the FF and FG private groups who also post on the main site are in fact false adherents and my source said info which was deliberatedly passed to one of them was requoted by a certain former FF, PD, member who ran Libertas's press and acted as an election agent for a Libertas candidate............

Be careful out there people. They have not gone away you know.

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