Thursday, December 16, 2010

Boycott Sweden

please copy this image and repost in support of Wikileaks

I take no sides in their legal issues with Julian Assange but the fact that they are attempting to deny a man who has not beenconvicted of a crime in their country his liberty on draconian bail conditions is a sickening thing.
Swedish groupies should also be boycotted by the rich, the famous and even low life rock and roll trash.

It is notable that Sweden also recently released political asylum documents to the UK in a case against a the man who had applied to them for political asylum. That is an immoral and sickening act also.
Sweden you are the shame of Europe. I can on a total boycott of Sweden, Swedish goods, products and services.
Lets start with IKEA!!!!!


  1. I HATE bad furniture!
    Boycot IKEA!!

  2. In my opinion having non consentual sex with an unconscious woman is a crime, and it should be for the court to decide whether Assange is guilty of this or not. As it is right now, he's using Wikileaks (which I separately think is doing a great job) to essentially deflect and trivialize the allegations. Using fear of being extradited to the U.S. as a reason for not wanting to travel to Sweden for questioning would carry a lot more weight if the man was hiding somewhere like Switzerland, not the U.K., with its 'special' relationship.
    The amount of vitriol being spewed at the alleged victims, as well as use of incomparable statistics (rape carries a much broader definition in Sweden) to obfuscate the entire affair is remarkable seeing as Assange is supposed to be a champion of freedom of information. The fact that people seemingly cannot differentiate between Assange and his organisation, the unquestioned assumption that the guy who started Wikileaks must be incapable of rape, and any suggestion to the contrary is an American plot to silence him, is something I find deeply disturbing. Having said all this, I agree that the case has been mishandled from the beginning.

  3. @ Bepi: "consentual sex with an unconscious woman" - I wish you would have 'quoted' the source! Anyway all I can say is 'consentual sex with an unconscious woman after she had consented to sex the previous night kinda challenges my intelligence and as a woman I beg you 'TAKE RAPE SERIOUSLY'!! if this was a DATE-RAPE situation involving the use of drugs then they better come up with irrefutable proof and lock him up!

  4. To the moderator: Correction - regarding my previous post, i obviously meant to start as "non-consentual..."


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