Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An appeal to Declan Ganley, support the hurley makers!!!

During his attempts to stop the Lisbon Treaty and indeed get elected Declan Ganley was said to be as Irish as the next man. He claimed that turf cutting was the soul of the Irish countryside.
People Korps is making a direct appeal to Mr. Ganley to support hurl making as a native craft. It appears that some poor soul has been charged with stealing "8 lengths of ash tree from lands belonging to Libertas founder Declan Ganley "

The only reason People Korps can give for someone needing lengths of ash tree is to make the ancient Irish sporting stick known as the hurl or the hurley.
Surely, Mr. Ganley, as a man more Irish than the Irish themselves can appreciate the native Irish obsession with hurling. People Korps appeals to Declan Ganley to show his Irishness and support the hurl makers.... give them a few ould trees man .


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