Friday, September 2, 2011

Chritotaliban suffer setback in UK as Torys oppose abortion restrictions. Terrorist links not explored

The campaign to toughen Britain's abortion laws was losing momentum as Tory MPs on Friday backed a rival amendment and questions emerged about links to Christian counselling services that might benefit from the proposed reform.

Legislation initially proposed by Nadine Dorries and Frank Field would strip abortion providers such as Marie Stopes of their counselling role and hand it over to "independent" organisations not linked to abortion clinics.

But Dorries confirmed to the Guardian that the organisations supporting her campaign include a "crisis pregnancy centre" (CPC) – a type of advisory service often linked to religious anti-abortion activists.

Dorries is coming under pressure to reveal how her allies are funded. One of the most vocal public supporters of the Right to Know campaign backing the Dorries amendment to the healthcare bill is the lobby group Christian Concern, which is linked to a wealthy US evangelical organisation, the Alliance Defence Fund.

Meanwhile, political support has been ebbing away since fellow Tory MP Louise Mensch tabled a compromise amendment, which would allow women to choose whether they received counselling from faith-backed pregnancy centres or existing charities such as the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

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Of course Dorries' sources of support and funding should be a matter for a parliamentary inquiry or indeed a public one to ensure transparency in government.

She may have terrorist connections through some of her funders/supporters.....Perhaps she should be sent to Guantanamo? Doctor killers and such are pretty terrorizing.

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