Monday, November 16, 2009

Declan Ganley sighting

Just strolled along Grafton Street beside Declan Ganley and a bearded guy. Ganley was wearing a tan trenchcoat and was smoking a rather huge cigar. As Declan was deep in furroughed brow conversation I decided it was not the time to take him up on an offer of a pint.
Next time Deco.


  1. met declan ganley in the street the other day
    couldnt meet a nicer man. hope i succeds in the future!

  2. Still obsessed with Mr Ganley, eh? Afraid he was right about some things?

    So funny that the subtitle is "Nein Danke", especially since Ireland's now a Bundesland of the German-controlled EU.

  3. You Yanks miss the irony much..........when I grew up "Atomkraft Nein Danke" was all the rage.

    As to "obsessed" nein mein herr there are a few stories exposed here still playing out.

    Now let me ask you would a decent Irish man like me want to live under Ganley's Christotaliban of unelected elites? Nein

    You go live in the Mississippi of the 1950s if you want, no way will that be happening in my neck of the woods. Cracker


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