Thursday, November 5, 2009

What now for Libertas and the Legatus Christo-taliban?

The Christo-taliban have been defeated but, with the funds at their disposal they will not be gone for long, or at all.
What next for the campaign to moniter and defeat their xenophobic, racist, fascist agenda?

Declan Ganley has now reduced his share of the the warmonger coffin ship company Rivada USA to 13%. Libertas owe more than 300K euro.

A new right-wing "party" to fill the non-void left by the PDs electoral destruction is mooted by Ganley employees who post on Calls for militias were even made.

Coir have said they may form a political party.

Taxi Drivers for Change and the other Brown shirt cadre of this movemmet are still active.

Vigilence , monitering and documentation of all the COIR, Libertas cadre and leaders is necessary.



  1. I cant believe theres someone so sad as to create a blog to diss declan ganley.
    surely hes not that important.
    get out of your mothers basement you nutter!!!

  2. I cant believe that someone who recruits anti Semites and holocaust deniers into a pan European political party still has friends but sadly there seems to be w a small xenophobic miltant far right grouping of economic libertarians seem to have placed their flag on hhis mast.

    Have a joyous Christmas Stephen , in the new year you can find new friends hopefully


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