Sunday, May 2, 2010

Did you donate to Libertas? Claim your free TV now!!

Garrett Kelleher's, Shelbourne Development Group building at Cortenbergh 71, Brussels, Belgium, where Libertas had the 7th Floor . Libertas abandoned thousand's of Euros worth of property as they beat a hasty retreat in June 2009

Despite attacking so called waste in the EU and bureaucrats who wasted money, Libertas were up there when it came to wasting money

Revelations from this week will make sobering reading for Libertas donors.
When Libertas disappeared into thin air last June abandoning the offices which were provided by Garret Kellegher's Shelbourne Holdings they left 1000s of Euros worth of equipment abandoned in their wake.

As the rats deserted their sinking ship they abandoned both hard to carry items like flat screen TVs and mobile devices like phones.

According to Berlaymontser
The multi-thousand euro stash of goodies is just sat gathering dust in their vast, ghostly seventh-floor euro-HQ, which has been empty now for almost a year.

The Ireland-based campaigners simply upped sticks in early June last year, and 'just left their toys behind', in the words of one agent trying to find someone to take over the 760 meter square, 200,000 euro-a-year property.

Among the items strewn across this graveyard of Libertas's obsolete cause are a handful of enormous flatscreen televisions, two ceiling-mounted projectors, a 5000 euro colour printer/copier, and six Sky decoders (yes, SIX).

That's without counting the proliferation of phones, brand new (a year ago, and in any case barely used) desks and chairs, storage units, and all the telecoms and internet wiring necessary to run an office of upwards of 20 people.

Though there has been no official confirmation that the offices were let at a market rent, it was reported by this blogger that Garret Kellegher of Shelbourne Developments sat in on at least one Libertas planning session in December 2008. Given this perhaps this might be one reason why the property lies un-let since June 2009. This blog reported on Garret Kellegher's association with Legatus. see
and Declan Ganley and Legatus: Extreme christian group and Libertas links exposed through Irish property developer Garrett Kelleher

Libertas's John McGurik did make a statement to this blogger stating that market rent was paid for the office space but as there is no third party confirmation we can dismiss McGuirk's official spin for the moment. On a side note McGuirk thinks unarmed journalists shot by US troops deserved their fate.
This would go down well with the former Contra supporter who founded Legatus, Tom Monaghan. Monaghan, the Domino's Pizza founder, is a leading light in the Christotaliban movement of fundamentalists determined to create a society based on fundamentalist christian values.

Libertas were one of their political balloons.

If you did donate to Libertas you might ask if you can have a TV or phone etc by contacting Declan Ganley and his brother Sean who still have the party registered in Ireland.


  1. Sewer rats and cochrane and co moan about the fact they cant get a job.

    Maybe a man needs to look in his soul and if he sees a lying rat seeking seeking self advancement, it's time to suck metal and hear the final sound - 'bang'.

  2. Ganley was again preaching to the converted earlier this month in Vienna in a Hudson Institute event attended by the great and the good of US and European neo-con Christo-Taliban:

    More on Ganleys talking points in Cookiemonsters new blog:


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