Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Christo-Taliban conference in Vienna, Declan Ganley rides again

Regular readers of this blog will remember I revealed that Libertas and Declan Ganley received support from Bourbon monarchists and aristocrats. ) .

Well the some of the old gang have recently got together to discuss their pet hate Islam at the Neuwaldegg Institute in Vienna.

Declan Ganley was on the bill where he complained about harsh bankruptcy laws amongst other things. So too was Lord Libertas, David Alton and bunch of interesting right wing Christian fanatics and aristocrats.

It is clear that Ganley is intent on remaining in politics and his lap dog, former employee Alan Kennedy, was quick to post an outline of Ganley's speech on his blog. Full line up of these four day Islam bashing festival below.

“The Future of Europe and the Question of Islam”
Daily Schedule:
Thursday May 6th, 2010

At Neuwaldegg Castle:
6:00pm – Damian von Stauffenberg
6:15pm – Lord David Alton – “Secular Europe and the Challenge of Islam”
6:30-8:00pm – The Crisis of the West
Chair: Prince Nikolaus von Liechtenstein
Lord Nicholas Windsor
Marcello Pera – “The Crisis of Western Liberalism”
Ryszard Legutko – “The Philosophical Crisis of the West”
Herb London - “Secularism and the West”
8:30-10:00pm – Gala Dinner
Introduction: Damian von Stauffenberg
Keynote Address: TBA

Friday May 7th, 2010
8:30-9:15am – Breakfast
At Neuwaldegg Castle:
9:30-11:00am – The West and the Rule of Law
Chair: John O’Sullivan
Ben Bull – “Foundations of Western Law”
Rémi Brague – “Christianity, Islam and the Law”
Lamin Sanneh – “Islam, the Law and Democracy”
11:00-11:30am – Break
11:30am-1:00pm – The West, Islam and Development
Chair: Robin Harris
Rafael Bardají
Robert R. Reilly – “Status of Reason in Islam and Christianity”
Roberto de Mattei – “Turkey in the European Union?”
Discussion (20)
1:00-3:00pm – Lunch
3:00-5:00pm – Historical Background and Thorny Issues
Chair: TBA
Bat Ye’or - “Dhimmitude, Sharia and Multiculturalism”
Paul Marshall – “Is Islam Compatible With Democracy?”
5:00-6:00pm – TBA
6:00-7:30pm – The Democratic Deficit in Europe
Chair: Kenneth Minogue – “Europe as a Post-Democratic Continent”
John O’Sullivan – “The Political Deficit in Western Europe”
Declan Ganley – “Institutional Deficit”
Rev. Marcel Guarnizo – “Political Liberalism and its Deficiencies”
8:30-10:00pm – Dinner
Introduction: Herb London
Keynote Address: President José María Aznar – “The Challenges of Islam in Europe”
Saturday May 8th, 2010
8:30-9:30am – Breakfast
At Neuwaldegg Castle:
9:30-10:45am – Economic Panel
Chair: Barbara Kolm
Kenneth Minogue – “Europe and the Welfare State”
Herb London – “The US and the Welfare State”
Ondrej Socuvka – “Central and Eastern Europe and Economic Freedom”
11:00-11:30am – Break
Chair: Nina Shea – “Living and Dialoguing with Islam”
Bishop Thomas – Egypt
Joseph Kassab – Iraq
Bishop Macram Gassis – Darfur – “Living with Islam”
1:00-3:00pm – Lunch
4:00-5:00pm – The Judeo-Christian Tradition: The Best Hope of the West?
Chair: Austin Ruse
Rev. Chad Hatfield
Eric Metaxas
Joseph Wood
5:30-6:15pm – TBA
6:30-8:00pm – What Will Keep Europe Together?
Chair: John O’Sullivan
Kenneth Minogue – “Libertarianism and Classical Liberalism”
Marcello Pera – “Constitutional Patriotism and European Identity: A Political
Expedient and a Moral Gap”
Robin Harris – “Is Conservatism Dead?”
TBA – “On the Possibility of Fusionism”
8:30-10:00pm – Gala Dinner
Sunday May 9th 2010
Policy Recommendations – “What Must Be Done”
8:00am – TBA
8:30-9:30am – Breakfast
At Neuwaldegg Castle:
9:30-11:00am – Islam Today - Policy Recommendations
Chair: Richard Miniter
Paul Marshall – “Policy Options for the Future”
Javier Fernández-Lasquetty – “Islam and Immigration Policy”
Michael Horowitz – “Islam and the Challenges Ahead”
11:30-12:30pm – Policy Recommendations
Chair: Joseph Wood
Nina Shea – “Integration or Separation?”
David Bukay – “Islamic Da’wah: Threats, Implications, and Steps to Overcome It”
12:30pm – Conclusion: Herb London, Hudson Institute

Beware of the far right
Fight to destroy the Christotaliban.

Update since posting two commentators who chaired forums have posted comments , google them


  1. As a conference attendee and moderator of a panel, I don't recognize much of this schedule. It looks like an early draft, rather than the one sent out to us speakers and moderators.

    As for opposition to monarchy and aristocracy, I agree. Human society is all too prone to creating elites that seek to rule, not serve. Equality and freedom is the way forward.

    Richard Miniter

  2. Thanks Richard , that is from the Hudson Institute link at bottom of the post. Do you have a corrected version email
    Your panel seems to have been a token rational discussion. I should add a disclaimer that not all the speakers are Christotaliban.

    The irony of Mr Ganley was that despite campaigning against supposed "unelected elites" he was in fact supported by individuals and parties that were in fact monarchists, far right Christian fundamentalists. I am disturbed by the almost identical anti Islam that drives some of these Christian fundamentalist politicians and wanna be politics.#

  3. As a conference attendee and moderator of a panel, that schedule actually looks pretty accurate. It does look like a truly frightening conference.

    "Central and Eastern Europe and Economic Freedom" had me petrified.

    "The Crisis of Western Liberalism” was sure to have any good Muslim quaking in his boots.

    “Islam and the Challenges Ahead”..oh no, lock up your women and your children.

    I do totally agree with you and with Richard Miniter. The real problem in Europe is the rise of the monarchists. Watch out for that one.

  4. Austin, I found this gem on your web site "abortion, homosexuality and polygamy are part of one and the same agenda.... "

    why do you fear homosexuality?

  5. Wow.. another nutty hard right christian group was in attendance.. C-FAM.. ensuring we are safe from gay marriage and family planning, thank fully they also protect from the malign influence of the girl guides as well.

    This guys are a front for Human Life International.

    Some good stuff here:

  6. The blogpost you cite refers to a report issued by the Center for Reproductive Rights:

    "It is important when building a civil rights movement to be cognizant of analogous struggles faced by other minority populations, and attempt to build bridges with other subordinated groups. The LGBTQ and polygamous communities face different struggles and present varying harms; however, they are similarly persecuted for their interpersonal relationships. In this regard, same-sex marriage advocates should carefully tread around slippery slope arguments to ensure that they do not play into the cultural narrative that polygamy is resoundingly barbaric and misogynistic. As polygamy is practiced world-wide, women and men likely enter plural unions for significantly different reasons and likely have wide-ranging experiences. As such, polygamous relationships should not be essentialized as harmful and evil. In the end, the LGBTQ community should avoid building its cause by demeaning another, and direct its time and energy toward respecting diversity while fighting for equality."

  7. And i note that you do not try to defend your rather silly comments about the conference.

  8. Defend? I have pointed out that a bunch of far right "Christians" and ultra Catholics had a get together to bash Islam. The designation I give to your type is Christotaliban.
    You should read more of this blog, my stance on you and your views is clear.

    As a Catholic I find your work and your organisation disgusting and not the Catholicism of my church.

    Are you a member of Legatus Austin?

    Catholics for Choice published an interesting document on your UN lobbying activities , some of the early quotes from you are worth a read

  9. NB RE Austin Msgr. Higgens seems to believe that your mother organisation is anti Semitic, that was a common point with many of Ganley and Alton's political comrades in Libertas. Why do you supposed Christians spread only the word of hate and not the word of peace as preached by Jesus?

    "HLI has continuously courted controversy through extremist actions and statements, such as displaying
    fetuses in jars at anti-choice demonstrations and publicly accusing Jews of controlling the abortion-rights
    movement.8 (Msgr. George Higgins,“Forays into Anti-
    Semitism,” Catholic New York, March 9, 1995.)

  10. There are funny similarities between your operation and Ireland's COIR and Youth Defense

    "CAFHRI, HLI and HLIC were
    working with a common purpose. CAFHRI’s first official address was, and still is, 866 United Nations
    Plaza—an address from which HLIC also operated according to materials in the legal complaint filed by

    using fronts that share the same addresses and staffed by same personal.

  11. The proof you offer is a bunch of innocuous titles from the program. Any other proof of your assertion? Did you attend any of the talks? yes, there were talks critical of political Islam. is that a crime? I assume you would never criticize Islam. How about when Muslim countries issued a statement in the GA denouncing the proposed inclusion of "gender identity and sexual orientation" as new categories of nondiscrimination in human rights treaties. Care to tee off critically on that one? Or is it only the left that get to criticize Muslims?

  12. Austin supporting one kind of Wahhabism over another, ie your kind of Christo Talibanisation is not where I am coming from. As a Catholic I will confine myself for now with dealing with your Christotaliban stance.

    I am interested in your connections globally with people like Declan Ganley who attempted a grand political movement in Europe only to be smashed by people who noted his obnoxious connections with homophobes, neo cons, anti Semites.
    I am even more interested when you hold a global conference where you all get to rub shoulders and network.

  13. Of course, you dont want to try and defend your initial post because it is silly.

  14. As I linked to
    in the first paragraph my point about far right fundamentalist aristocrats and monarchists forming one wing of the Christotaliban movement needs no explaining. I have also syou to read more of this blog, however not only have you not read the post linked you have visited only one post on this blog. You should read a bit more..

    You have not answered any of my questions Austin,
    Try one

  15. Before i go to sleep at night i lock my doors because i fear the Bourbon monarchs. Even in far Virginia, named for an English queen (natch!), I fear the Bourbon monarchs! When i hear a board creak, I just know it is the Bourbon monarchs. Come to think of it, i think i have to get an alarm system that will keep out the Bourbon monarchs.

  16. As you fail to read you fail to grasp,
    re Ganley and his monarchist pals , he was campaigning for democracy with the anti democratic,

    the common thread running between you guys is your hatred of homosexuals, your militant anti abortion stance, your pro neo con pro war was stance, your support for Dick Cheney, we can throw Tom Monahgan's nutty crusade in for good measure and adherence to a pre Vatican II notion of Catholicism, anti Semiticism, hatred of Islam........ the list goes on

    You still evade the question

  17. Am i afraid of homosexuals? No. I am afraid of Bourbon monarchists...i am really afraid of them. Wait. Wait. Quiet. Shush. Did you hear that? There's one now. Oh No! No? Wait. Sorry. That was just my cat. Wait. I don;t have a cat. Isn't that just like a Bourbon Monarchist to make cat sounds.

  18. You are afraid of straight answers, a quote from the post you failed to read

    "Peoplekorps can reveal that one the strongest ultra Catholic monarchist connections that Libertas have comes through an Irish family, the Ascoughs, that is extremely active in fundamentalist Christianity in Europe. This family was introduced to Declan Ganley by Caroline Simons thereby providing links to a pan-European monarchist, aristocratic, ultra Catholic cabal.

    Damian Erbgraf v.Schönborn-Buchheim and his Irish wife Deirdre Mary Ascough have both campaigned actively for Libertas in 2008."

  19. Austin - your quote about "taking Hilary out"- whatever backing you have from a Vatican figure, those Christians who cared more about image and money than the sanctity of young children's bodies and minds children, leads me to believe your following of Jesus is of the sort that gave us: Jesus Wept.

    More info,for all its worth on

  20. So you are or are not afraid of Queens?

  21. but you accept that you are what I define as Chrsitotaliban?

  22. What are your links to Youth Defense Austin?

  23. Barricade emailed in this comment as he is having trouble posting
    Barricade to Austin " Wit. There's hope of salvation. But you'll have to go to Damascus.
    Can you handle that? "

  24. Austin I note you contributed to a series of tapes with the Ascoughs and Liz Holmes writes for the Iona Institute, we are lifting the rocks.......and what do we find

    "9 Natural Family Planning
    __DC98-03 Natural Family Planning: Scientific solution, Creator's plan - Jaclyn Ascough (Ireland),
    __C98-14 The Life Changing Reality of Natural Birth Regulation & Infertility Technology - Jackie Ascough (Ireland)

    10 Pornography
    __ C99-04 The Entertainment Industry - Abusing Adolescent Attitudes - M. Nutley (Ireland)
    __ C98-13 The Evil of Pornography - Mervyn Nutley (Ireland)

    11 Reproductive technology
    __ C99-05 Cloning, IVF and Reproductive Choices in the 21st Century - Peter Garret (UK)

    12 United Nations
    __ C99-02 Population Control - What you might not know - Austin Ruse (USA)
    __ C99-14 United Nations Assault on Faith and Family - Austin Ruse (USA)
    __ C98-09 Ireland, EU & UN Ideology - Liz Holmes (Ireland)"

  25. If you are having trouble posting comments email them to me

  26. The filthy hand that shadows all these Christotaliban fronts is being further revealed thank God.

    the groupies of W and Cheney who profit from and advocate for the senseless war against Islam and seek to deprive us of our basic liberties exposed again.

    Austin Ruse at least has the ego to engage yet the more he engages the less he says

  27. I am the CREATOR of all things Christotaliban. HLI and Youth Defense darn my socks. The Ascoughs, now who are they again?, are merely my pawns, my spawn. I am a Bourbon! No, a Scotch. No, a Canadian whiskey! Tom Monaghan serves me breakfast in bed. Have i said to much?

  28. We knew that Austin tell us something new, what is the connection between HLI Ireland and your activities and where do you get your funding?

    How damaging to the Christotaliban was the total defeat of Libertas?

    The Ascough's are married into that royal family that you have trouble getting to grips with .........the Bourbons. Plus they worked for you.

  29. Find me if you can at

  30. The Ascoughs worked for me? Perhaps under their secret names...

  31. As has been established you are HLI so? you are IHL Ireland ?
    so your tape series which includes you and two of the Ascoughs on IHL tapes = IHL employees surely?
    You run the IHL's faux UN mission and stuff no?

  32. For those uninitiated HLI is Human Life International, Austin works for one of their subsidiaries but really its all the same organization and they are happily linked with our own COIR /Youth Defnse? Libertas/Iona Institute/ HLI Ireland and more unsavory groupings like Legatus and the far right organizations in Poland that Ganley used in his bid on Europe. Ruse is a leading light in the Wahhabi Catholicism that is repugnant to true Catholics.

    Austin you spout about the left but most Catholics think you people are nut jobs.

  33. Several world experts on the Chritotaliban post on

    Join now this topic is being discussed

    Austin you can join too!

  34. Legatus...whose main aim is to attack one of the foundation stones upon which modern Irish democracy is built - the separation of church and state.
    Like many Islamic fundamentalist groups - Legatus see this separation as morally wrong as they strive to impose a Christian form of Sharia law.
    This extreme religious view goes hand in hand with a form of brutish laissez-faire capitalism that even targets movements such as "Fair Trade" as a form of moral cancer.

  35. hahaha, hasn't anyone noted the funniest part of this post by this amazing "Catholic"??

    You use the vile organization 'Catholics for Choice' as some example of Catholic authority? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? One of the co-founders, Rosemary Radford Ruether, is a radical feminist pro-abortion activist who was even removed from an academic post in (of all places) California (!!) as she was too far out to lunch for them. She has been (rightly) labeled as a heretic and an anti-catholic.
    Catholics for 'choice' is nothing but a pro-abortion group of Obama-lovers who peddle their blatant atheism dressed up as some kind of perverted 'Catholic Faith'.
    Newsflash: actual Catholics know life begins at conception, and that abortion is murder of a child....not a 'liberating choice'.

    Never mind that abortion hurts women too, many having deep regret, enduring grief and pain years and years after the 'procedure'. This reality is rarely, if ever, talked about by those involved in the BIG MONEY abortion industry.

    And as for your haughty tone and arrogant slandering of the good people who attended the conference talked about here....get real. You are a bad joke, lol....Christo-taliban??? REALLY??? Does any sane person really compare the head chopping Islamists with these folks? Answer: No, no one sane does.

    I shall have to keep a close eye on you I'm afraid. Thanks to you and your pathetic ilk, Ireland missed out on having the business expertise and the very real JOBS and opportunities that Declan Ganley would have worked hard to make happen here. What a chance the young people of Ireland could have been given. Now, they face a trashed job market in no small thanks to a bunch of selfish and deluded whiners.

    Anyways,I am sure the loving embrace of the nanny state and the security of lifelong dole --along with your membership in the 'Catholics for choice' fan club (*cough*) will be a great comfort when all yer scorecards read zero.


  36. Funny M, I take the opposite view that you and you kind are the heretics sickened by the disease of greed and impurity you seek to cause harm to poor people

    you are one sick puppy

  37. PS , M I have dealt at length with the fact that Ganley was never a big employer in Ireland.

  38. Ganley employed a mere handful of odious ambitious back-stabbing men-cubs who havw nothing to offer this country but their own perdition. Which thankfully came sooner rather than later. Declan is a scam artist, a liar, a snake oil salesman.

  39. Dream on, you lefties

  40. Lefties?
    By what token, this blog fights people hating xenophobes of the Christo-taliban variety , nothing particularly lefty about that

  41. Commies are more murderous than fascists.

  42. And Christian fundamentalists are way more murderous than other GW Bush in Iraq and AfPak v 9 11

    care to compare the body counts? Chritotaliban v Wahhabi fundamentalists? I think conservatively the ChristoTaliban kill about 3000-5000 civilians for every 1 killed by the Wahhibists.


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