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Libertas backers monarchist unelected elites exposed

One of the cornerstones of Libertas’s campaign has been their attacks on nameless, faceless “unelected elites”.

Yet it seems that that a number Declan Ganley’s significant followers and backers are drawn from the ranks of Christian fundamentalist monarchists who despise the whole European project because it threatens the very basis of the elitist feudalist world they would still have us all live in.

Undemocracic , unlelected and definitively “unelectable elites”

“Unelected elites” is such an apt title for those of Ganley’s backers who would happily turn back the clock on the Enlightenment, the American and, certainly, the French Revolution.

One former member of the elitist far right monarchist party the Movement Pour le France, Arnaud Herve from Brest, gave a great insight into the mindset prevalent Viscount Phillipe de Villiers' party – the party that became Libertas France.

It was run along feudal lines with local aristocrats taking control over grass roots levels and boasting about their preordained right to lead the people.

“Those from aristocratic families were immediately appointed as the heads of the local groups, they had direct access to de Villiers himself, and they were selected as candidates.” Herve said in an online posting. (Ref below)

“It looked like a return of the Ancien Régime. It was such a caricature it almost looked stupid. I even drove once with a local count who was telling me that the nobles were chosen by the population during the Middle-Ages, because they were more dynamic, more intelligent, and they could lead the communities for the common good”

Herve also noted that “The presence of the gentry was not the only bizarre element in de Villiers' organization. He was supposed to be a devout Catholic, but only if the priests were right-wing”

Another Libertas European ally with similar anti-democtartic elitist views was Janusz Korwin-Mikke of the Unia Polityki Realnej (Antydemokratyzm, Antysocjalizm, Eurosceptycyzm an n advocate of monarchy and a member ofKlub Zachowawczo-Monarchistyczny(Conservative-Monarchist Club). He is known for his utter disdain towards democracy.


While Ganley claims to be Pro-EU and anti Lisbon, these backers have been consistently against the whole European Proejct. It seems they deem the project symptomatic of the 'little people' getting 'uppity' and threatening the last hopes of an unelected elite that still clings to the ideas of sacral kingship and the "divine rights .”

The descendents of the Bourbon and Charlemgne – how unelected can one get?

In recent days Declan Ganley told contacts of blogger Peoplekorps that COIR, the fundamentalist Catholic group were undermining the Libertas campaign against Europe. This may have given the impression that Ganley was upset that his “secular” political party was being usurped and undermined by fundamentalist Christians. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Libertas are in fact backed and supported not just by fundamentalist Christians but even more startling they are supported by the members of the most undisputed unelected elites of Europe, the aristocratic descendents and heirs to the Bourbon Royal houses of Europe and also Charlemagne.

Peoplekorps can reveal that one the strongest ultra Catholic monarchist connections that Libertas have comes through an Irish family, the Ascoughs, that is extremely active in fundamentalist Christianity in Europe. This family was introduced to Declan Ganley by Caroline Simons thereby providing links to a pan-European monarchist, aristocratic, ultra Catholic cabal.

Damian Erbgraf v.Schönborn-Buchheim and his Irish wife Deirdre Mary Ascough have both campaigned actively for Libertas in 2008.

Damian Erbgraf von.Schönborn-Buchheim is descended from Charlemange on his father’s side and the French monarchy on his mothers’. He was born in Vienna, Austria on 17 July 1965 the son of Friedrich Karl Graf v.Schönborn-Buchheim and of his wife, Princess Isabelle d'Orléans).

Isabelle d’Orleans is a Boubon, and helds the title Princess de France. As eldest son, Damien, could in theory cbecome a pretender to the French throne should it still exist. Their backgrounds place this couple at the centre of fundamentalist Catholic monarchist ambitions in Europe.
Viscount Phillipe de Villiers of the Vendee, the centre of the counter revolution in France, was the only MEP elected on the Libertas ticket was. De Villier is a far right French fundamentalist Catholic who believes in monarchical rule. He too is a descendent of the House D’Orlean. An Ancestor was Philippe II, Duke of Orléans (born 2 August 1674(1674-08-02) Château de Saint-Cloud, Saint-Cloud, FranceDied 2 December 1723)
Deirdre Ascough’s sister in law, Jacki, is a writer for the far right fundamentalist Catholic ALIVE! newspaper. Jacki’s husband Tom Ascough is a director of the Iona Institute, a fundamentalist Catholic organisation. Both were in attendance along with Phillipe de Villier at Ganley’s Shelbourne dinner in 2008. So too was brother Sean Ascough, who like Tom, is a self-employed Chartered Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, and has almost twenty years experience of youth evangelisation and other religious initiatives.


Libertas is a political front for the amibitions of an ultra Catholic aristocratic cabal. But as to the actual the role and the aims of this unelected elite, Mr Ganley seems to espouse values directly opposed to the ‘transparency and accountability” he cries for.

But that should not comes as a major surprise given that the man has been described as a “ liar, self-mytholgiser and snake oil salesman.”

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  1. True, Isabelle Schönborn-Buchheim was born "Princesse de France", but as her father, the late Comte de Paris, pointed out, the French Royal Family still follows the Salic law, which means women cannot inherit the right to the throne.

    For this reason Damian Erbgraf von Schönborn-Buchheim could not even in theory claim the French throne. Besides that there are so many male pretenders that the female members of the French Royal Family stand no chance of claiming the throne. Unlike England, Scotland or the Netherlands, there has never been a ruling Queen in France. However, there were female regents.

    Last June Phillippe de Villiers gained the only French Libertas seat in the MEP, but since then he sought and found a rapprochement with Nicolas Sarkozy. De Villiers' party is now only one of many members of the ruling UMP.


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