Friday, September 11, 2009

US interest in Ganley's return evident as Washington Post reports Ganley comeback

After yesterday's Wall Street Journal interview with Declan Ganley a second US broadsheet the Washington Post covers speculation of Ganley's return. The intense level of interst in Ganley's attempts to smash the European project from US media is no surprise. Ganley's main business interest these days is his military communications company Rivada which has contracts worth $250 million with Homeland security, the US Airforce and US National Guard deployed in Iraq.
However some of Ganley's neo con supporters have fallen foul of the Obama administration such as Donald Rumsfeld's side kick Jack Shaw who campaigned against the Obama presidential bid.

Ganley also boasts connections with Russian oligarchs and state apperatus from his days in the forestry business in Kipelova. Indeed he once boasted he owned a Russian airbase at Kipelova. However the base was never sold by the Russian military and is still occupied by Russian military
Kipelovo-Fedotovo (Vologda). NAVY

Latitude 59.1137, Longitude 39.0826
Gto be transferred to 37 AF Army in 2008. 07.2007 comd.staff trainings. 09.2008 flights over Barents and Laptev Sea. 10.2008 3 ac named as "Veliky Ustyug", "Evgeny Preobrazhensky", "Ivan Borzov".

Kipelovo info

Washingtom Post

With such diverse military connections one thing is clear Ganley forwards the agenda of US neo cons and Russian oligarchs and state security in his bid to samsh the EU.

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