Friday, September 18, 2009

Libertas staff leak poster campaign to Libertas Nein Danke see their lying billboard designs here

Despite cutting down to a tiny staff of hard case far right-wing nutters like John McGuirk, Hermann Kelly and Alan Kennedy, one of whom swills champagne and wrecks his phone prior to Ganley's big comeback, Libertas staff are again leaking their campaign plans and strategy to this blogger. Their three billboard campaign is designed by Link Ass Design and printed by Titan.

Libertas have nothing to say this time about the Lisbon Treaty putting abortion clinics on every street, conscripting teenagers or indeed arresting babes in arms. This time they are trying to run a general election as part of a referendum on a treaty. If Libertas were ever to win a general election we would have a society where minorities, the poor, the infirm and those deemed socially redundant would be disposed of. See Libertas' great assessment of the Lisbon Treaty below.

Not only can they not keep their staff loyal they expect the Irish nation to act like eejits.

As one of the billboards has already been published elsewhere I will post the other two below.

Poster one, intended for release in the last week of the campaign, ignores the fact that several guarantees have been given that make the new referendum different. Indeed ex-Libertas communications boss and founder David Cochrane of has left Libertas and is advocating a Yes vote because of the fact that the guarantees of a commissioner have been given.
Therefore the Libertas campaign based on lies, emotive spin on the economy and an attempt to usurp democracy is based on LIES LIES LIES.

See my post on this campaign from yesterday here re Poster two


  1. nice posters, good luck with the NO campaign: i'm sure with posters like these you'll pull through and win!

  2. My suggestion for a Libertas poster text would be: Vote No to satisfy English anti-European Tories, Europhobe UKIPers and US neocons.


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