Friday, September 11, 2009

Joe Higgins- The Red John Redmond

Joe Higgins- The Red John Redmond

The vehemence of Joe Higgins’ opposition to the EU sets him apart from others in the left no camp- even Sinn Fein profess to be pro Europe. However this may be understood in an examination of the underlying ideology of the Socialist party. That ideology is essentially Unionist insofar as it deals with the concept of Irish Sovereignty, as can be seen in the two following expositions of the party position.

Socialist Party puts forward a socialist solution, calling for the struggle against the bosses, the sectarian-based political parties and for a new society as the way to overcome the deep sectarian divisions. The party stands for a socialist Ireland, as part of a voluntary socialist federation of Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland.

Troubled Times by Peter Hadden

chapter 14

A socialist federation means a federation in the true sense, achieved through negotiation and agreement and with no element of compulsion. When we put forward our slogan of a socialist federation of Britain and Ireland, we add the rider on a free and voluntary basis'. We need to do so because of Ireland's long history of domination by England and because the concept of a federation has been debased both by the USSR and by those capitalist states who misuse the term.

Four legs good two legs bad. The intellectual contortions in this position would defy most yoga enthusiasts. Ireland entered the EU voluntarily, and according to Joe the EU doesn’t work. The main advocate of compulsion in Ireland’s international relations was Britain, yet a leading advocate of the no side is advocating a federation with our closest neighbour and former imperial master, despite ‘Ireland's long history of domination by England’ (This irony was obviously lost on the Sinn Fein councillor who defected to the socialist party in northern Ireland).

Euro federalism would be a step too far for many on the yes side yet anglo federalism is ok for a leading advocate on the no side. Maybe Joe should enlighten us on the foreign policy of his party.

From a historical perspective the best analogy for Joe’s call for a no vote is John Redmond’s call in 1914 for Irishmen to serve Britain wherever the frontline extended.


  1. Eh I think there is a fundamental difference between a free and voluntary SOCIALIST federation and a capitalist union of nations

  2. Would he therefore not prefer a socialist European Union best of all? Yes I believe Joe Higgins has always been too close to British Trotskyism.

  3. Good Christ I gave that man my second preference vote.

    Now he's a UNIONIST!!!!


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