Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Declan Ganley fails to read his own Memoranda of Association for Libertas. Can we trust that he read the Lisbon Treaty

Declan Ganley makes great play about being the only man in Ireland who has read the Lisbon Treaty. However it emerged yesterday that he claimed he had not even read the Memoranda of Association that the Libertas Party registered with the companies office in Dublin in October 2008.

Yesterday The Charter Group highlighted the clause in the articles that allows Libertas to raise funds for strikebreaking and to aid firms which are under picket.

However Ganley says he never read his own Memoranda of Association which include this far right capitalist clause.
The right to strike is a long fought for one. It is not something that a free society takes away.

The Irish Times reported

However, Libertas chairman Declan Ganley said he was unaware what was in its articles of association. “We should check but I don’t know what it says. We just use boiler plate [standard wording] memorandum and articles of association. But I’m not anti-anything.”

This is not the truth. The Irish Times highlighted this very article in November 2008.
The memorandum documents for both of the new companies state that they are entitled to raise funds, carry on business, purchase property, accumulate capital, borrow and other activities, in pursuit of their principal objectives.

The companies are allowed pay interest at a rate not exceeding 5 per cent on loans received from directors or other members of the companies.

They are also empowered to "promote freedom of contact" and contribute funds to any body that resists interference in businesses by "any strike movement or organisation".
Had Mr. Ganley had any objection to this clause then he should have changed it in the ten months since November 2008. He has not done so. He does read the Irish Times and the clause has been highlighted often on this blog

Ganley says he is not anti anything in the Irish Times today. Does that mean he now supports the Lisbon Treaty? Is he now pro abortion?, pro gay marriage? I will leave it up to you to decide.

This blogger is quite convinced that if Ganley were subjected to a quiz on the Treaty contents he would get a very low score.

For a poltical party leader to not read his own articles of assocation shows either incompatence or more typically for Ganley he merely erred into untruthfulnesss in the face of a question from the press.


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