Friday, September 18, 2009

Libertas campaign seeks funding for a campaign already paid for which seeks to undermine Irish democracy.

Libertas have opened their campaign with one of three billboards already designed and printed. This despite the fact that they only started collected cash for this on Monday. How is that?

The deigns have been created by Link Ass Design and printed by Titan.
Naturally as this blogger has stated Ganley never went away.
His campaigning against the Lisbon Treaty is based on internal issues of the Republic of Ireland and seeks s to capitalise on the low rate of approval of the Irish government in opinion polls.
Lisbon is NOT a general election. It is supported by the four main political parties in Ireland included Fine Gael and Labour who would seek to or an alternative to the Green Party/Fianna Fail coalition with their own coalition. What part of the poster saying that passing Lisbon will save Cowen's job relates to the contents of the Lisbon Treaty? Fianna Fail backbenchers hold the key to Cowen’s premiership.
This cynical and misleading beginning of their campaign will be followed by two further billboard poster continuing with the same message, that the Lisbon Treaty is a referendum on the current government.
That is complete rubbish and shows how unconcerned with Lisbon the Libertas' campaign is.
Libertas want power.
Declan Ganley wants power and more importantly money.
Supposedly a rich man Ganley does not seem content. Why?

Well for a start he is nowhere as rich as he likes people to think he is and he never has been.
He relies on various smoke and mirror parlour games and high profile hiring to keep his existing businesses afloat and despite press reports his wealth is nowhere near what he likes people to think. Is his US military supply company, Rivada, even profitable? Based on his multitude of business failure the likelihood is that is not. Declan Ganley is in fact a master of business failures. He has a lot of flash and verbiage but where is the cash? In Albania where he lost hundreds of millions of euro for Albanian pensioners? In GCI Project management where he “turned over” 4 million in two years in order to report a loss before its striking off the company?
If I was an investor I would not invest in his Rivada firm. Not just because his sweetheart contracts with the US Military were awarded under the Bush administration, not just because he got his business through the machinations of Donald Rumsfeld’s right hand man Jack Shaw with collusion from the corrupt Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens but because there is no evidence that Rivada is a profitable company.

There is also no evidence that Declan Ganley is a bankable politician. Having boasted that his party, Libertas, could take control of the EU parliament and setting out to raise 40 million Euro, the party achieved one seat and that MEP renounced them immediately , his own far right party France’s MPF having lost its two of its previous three |MEPs in the process.

Over the last two years Ganley has devoted his energies to smashing the Lisbon Treaty and attempting to create a pan European political party which despite its far right leanings is mostly a website with a PayPal button and pushes agendas which People Korps feels are for sale to the highest bidder.

If Libertas are concerned about the contents of the Lisbon Treaty why do they not fight the campaign based on the Treaty’s contents? The last time they fought it on lies claiming that the treaty would kidnap children, conscript all those not imprisoned and abort all those as yet unborn.
Instead Libertas will run their campaign on issue that they feel may emotively play to an Irish people expressing discontent towards their present government.
Is that a problem? Well YES.

There will be a general election in Ireland which will decide the fate of the current government parties.
Libertas will not decide that. The Irish people who elected the present government will decide that IN A GENERAL ELECTION.
The referendum on Lisbon is not a referendum on the government of Ireland. That will NOT change regardless of the outcome of the Lisbon vote. The EU has no influence on the Irish people’s electoral choices.
Libertas in their recent spectacular failure to achieve a single MEP who would stick to their brand in the recent European elections out of nearly 600 candidates have been rejected by the people of the entire continent. They campaigned saying that those elections were a referendum on Lisbon and the EU. The people of Europe said NO WAY to Ganley and his neo fascist henchmen.
Now they have decided that it is wise to declare that the rerun of the Lisbon vote is a referendum on the Irish government.
Under their banner of democracy this is obviously a deceitful stance.
Under their banner of accountability their campaign, already paid for, is a financial lie.
Under their banner of transparency their campaign is an opaque lie. NO one knows who funds them or what their agenda is.

Ganley‘s business is political publicity,
His product is for sale to the highest bidder.

Who is paying his bills? Certainly not the PayPal buttons on his site which has been out of commission until the latest begging campaign launched Monday this week.

The Irish government will decided in the next general election in Ireland.
It will not be decided in referenda or in the backroom of Ganley’s mansion in Tuam or in the corridors of his Rivada HQ in the USA.
Can we just finish this liar and his neo fascist supporters off for once and for all?

A NO vote to Lisbon will be used by Ganley and his neo fascist fundamentalist ally Coir as a vindication and a claimed mandate.
If you do not intend to live in a Europe of homophobes, racist and far right activist then you must vote Yes.

Libertas’ Memoranda of Association state that they may raise funds to break strikes. Where in that do workers rights lie?

Say No To Libertas
Say Yes to Lisbon.

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