Sunday, September 27, 2009

Libertas UK backers and lenders

UPDATE 28 Sept Ganley denies story proven already Liar exposed again

Lenihan accuses Ganley on fund


Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan has described as “disturbing” reports that a London-based hedge fund is providing financial support to Libertas and Declan Ganley’s campaign for a No vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum.

Speaking at a press briefing in Dublin today, Mr Lenihan said he found it curious that a hedge fund would have a direct interest in “goings-on in Ireland”.

“I find it disturbing that the only person that is publicly disclosed as funding [the Libertas] campaign is a hedge fund.”

Mr Lenihan said he did not think that such an organisation would have “the best interests of Ireland at heart”.

But Mr Ganley today vehemently denied Libertas had received financial support from any hedge fund in the current campaign, saying the accusation was “absolutely not true”.

He said Mr Lenihan’s suggestions were “a distraction” designed to divert the debate away from what he said was the fact that there was nothing in the Lisbon Treaty to create jobs or help recovery.

He said: “It was quite stunning that this man, Brian Lenihan, who has chickened out of a debate with me…will roll out this nonsense rather than talk about the disaster that the Lisbon Treaty would be for the Irish economy.”

With just four days to go to the referendum, Mr Lenihan warned that a No vote on Friday would break international confidence in Ireland. “This is very clear from all of the testimony we have from people who actually invest and create real sustainable jobs,” he said.

One of Ganley's backers is a former son-in-law of Rupert Murdoch's, who is now married into one of the families that owns Barclays Bank, and he was one of the people who were shorting the Irish Banks that fateful week 12 months ago when the Country was almost brought to its knees.

Vote NO and make people like these even wealthier!
Ganley claims to be helping Ireland and to love Ireland but is in league with enemies of our economy and the future of Irish jobs.

Ganley's backer revealed

Sunday September 27 2009

DECLAN Ganley's 'No to Lisbon Campaign' has been bankrolled by a secretive British hedge fund boss that made hundreds of millions of euros "short selling" Irish banks last year.

Regulatory filings reveal that the wealthy investor, Crispin Odey, donated almost €3,500 to "Pro-Democracy:" on May 28. The Mayfair-based hedge fund boss also donated nearly €15,000 worth of services to the organisation. Libertas is also backed by other London financiers.

Odey, who received a near €35m bonus last year, was one of the leading short sellers of Anglo Irish Bank, before the bank imploded.

- Nick Webb

This page contains summary details of loans and credit facilities reported by Pro-Democracy: to the Electoral Commission.


Name Type Total amount Converted to donation Date entered into Interest rate Repayment or review date
Andrew Jamieson Loan £5,000 £0 06/05/2009 Nil 31/03/2010
Andrew Jamieson Loan £5,000 £0 06/05/2009 Nil 31/03/2010
Kevin O'Connell Loan £5,000 £0 06/05/2009 Nil 31/03/2010
Kevin O'Connell Loan £5,000 £0 06/05/2009 Nil 31/03/2010
Kevin O'Connell Loan £500 £0 06/05/2009 Nil 31/03/2010
Dan Hill Loan £5,000 £0 06/05/2009 Nil 31/03/2010
Dan Hill Loan £1,500 £0 06/05/2009 Nil 31/03/2010

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