Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Libertas allege that Declan Ganley was never a member of Legatus

24 hours after this blogger first requested information from Declan Ganley and his links through Garrett Kelleher of Shelbourne Developments to Legatus his press officer John McGuirk in a terse one line statement has said in an email to People Korps:

DG isn't a member, nor has he ever been, I'm told.

McGuirk did not elaborate on who told him this.

Legatus an exclusive ultra Catholic organisation of CEOs dreamed up by Reaganite ideologue Tom Monaghan promotes a shiria version of Catholicism that campaigns against any liberalism in the Catholic Church. Monaghan, an active anti Gay activist who believes Gays should be denied protections under discrimination legislation is a throwback to a bygone era and actively promotes the subjugation of women.

Libertas Brussels offices were provided by Legatus Ireland Chairman Garrett Kelleher's Shelbourne Development. Full story here http://peoplekorps.blogspot.com/2009/09/declan-ganley-and-legatus-extreme-right.html

In a later email McGuirk alledged that Ganley has no connections to Legatus. This is in direct contradiction of information alleged to this blogger by a trustworthy source who attended a planning meeting with senior Libertas staff which was attended by Legatus Chairman Ireland, Kelleher, in the offices he provided. The office alledgedly rented from Kellaher’s company. The meeting was to discuss Libertas planning for 2009.

McGuirk would not answer direct questioning about Kelleher’s role in Libertas .

McGuirk did assert that “the office in Cortenbergh was rented at full market rates from Shelbourne - just in case that was your next question."

On the subject of the shared ideology that Libertas hold with Monaghan on fundamentalist neo con Christian free market non secular governance McGuirk stated that: "We do not share the views of Mr. Monaghan at all."

This is absolutely at odds with the statements Mr, Ganley has made on many occasions about the place of the church in life, his hard line views on abortion, free market and his personal connections with senior Reaganites like Don de Marino of Rivada.

McGuirk later expanded now that “You may of course report my personal views on Legatus as you wish”

This may refer to his official Libertas statement of yesterday that Legatus were “A great bunch of guys”.

He then went on to deny the story and claimed that People Korps was a journalist who was obliged to publish his denials.
People Korps is of course a blogger not a journalist. The fact that Libertas have belatedly condescended to respond to this blog’s story of yesterday indicates the damage that exposing Libertas' ideological master has, and is doing to the far right organisation that masquerades as a campaign for democracy but is in fact the mouthpiece for unelected elites and far right ideologues.
As a final "threat" McGuirk said he would have Cookiemonster, a politics.ie pseudonym for Libertas' Alan Kennedy, publish our emails on politics.ie.

He later emailed again and appealed to this bloggers honour. “You can show yourself as honourable here. People will respect you more.”

Almost goading the press to dig further into this matter McGuirk said “Where are the press on your great exclusive?”

McGuirk pleaded with Poeple Korps to withdraw the story. People korps stands over the story and dismisses the faint deniels of Libertas

Libertas, Legatus, Kelleher, Ganley Tom Monaghan.

If I was a journalist I would certainly be researching now.

In my previous dealing with Libertas they have only responded this way to stories that were 100% correct and also damaging to Libertas and Ganley's brand.

Mr Ganley recently withdrew from leagl action against The Village magazine which had asserted that he was a liar.

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