Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ganley and de Rossa almost come to blows after Radio show

As reported by David Cochrane on Ganley used profanities and called Irish Labour Party MEP a "Fucking Traitor". That shows that Ganley has as little regard for the democratic choices of the Irish people as his partner in No campaigning, Richard Greene, from the ultra right wing fundementalists group COIR who last year said the Irish parliamnet were traitors.
Not only do they both support the Wahabi, Talibanesque faction of Catholisism but the both despise Irish elected representitives.

I've just heard that following an on ar debate on Newstalk's Wide Angle (of which Declan Ganley and Proinsias De Rossa were panel members) things got a bit physical between the two.

As they were leaving the studio there a bit of pushing and shoving, with one calling the other a CIA agent, and the other replying with allegations of previous IRA membership.

Richard Boyd Barrett apparently had to pull them apart.

Putting calls in to various places, so will try to see what the story is.

13.18 : Newstalk have confirmed there was a profane exchange of views off-air, but are not sure if there was any physical exchanges. Things got heated between the two, and quite profane, Ganley called De Rossa a 'fu*king traitor'.

Examiner seem to be following up on this, hope you'll credit lads.

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